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Art Thomya, a Thai singer/songwriter, will show you the 7 Must-Sees in DANANG, a modern city in central Vietnam’. Art was accompanied by his local friends, who are eager to show you the charms of their hometown. Let’s take this journey together!

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7 Must-Sees in DANANG, Vietnam
#1 Bana Hills
#2 Marble Mountains
#3 Son Tra Mountain
#4 Linh Ung Pagoda
#5 Danang Beach
#6 Danang Museum
#7 Museum of Cham Sculpture

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26 Replies to “🇻🇳 7 MUST-SEES in DANANG, Vietnam”

  1. 0:29 Bana Hills
    2:27 Marble Mountains
    3:32 Son Tra Mountain (son tra Peninsula)
    5:06 Linh ung pagoda
    6:42 danang beach
    9:06 Danang museum
    10:16 Museum of Cham Sculpture

  2. Im planning to visit Danang by Oct or Nov.
    Would love to exprience the first 5 on your list.
    2 or 3 days are enough? 🙏😘

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  4. Can I hire your sister to take me around?! She's so well versed in the history of Da Nang! Great video!

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  8. I love vietnam, vietnam people saved my kababayan fishermen at the west philippine sea when the chinese vessel hit the fishing vessel of Philippine fishermen. Yes, i will tour Vietnam. I was then planning to tour HongKong but i cancelled it, instead i will go to the nice places of Vietnam. Thank you Vietnam – from the Philippines.

  9. Jolie vidéo, bien réalisée, j'ai mis 5 vidéos sur le Vietnam sur you tube, je m'abonne Louis (y compris la baie d'Along

  10. How can u say it was discovered by the French… Vietnam exsisted before white colonisation. Your history does not start with the white man

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