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This video contains many interesting / satisfying / innovative science toys / physics toys.

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This video contains:

👉🏻 Tesla’s Plasma Mug: this double walled glass mug glows orange from the excitation spectrum of neon gas at low pressure. The base contains a high frequency transformer that generates high voltage electric fields (but at very low current) from 8 AA batteries- which excites the neon to glow, and also serves as a coaster. This crazy item was produced by Can You Imagine Toys in the 1990s- perhaps Tesla himself would have served a good beer in this mug!

👉🏻 Lampe Kino: Art from from the manipulation of polarized light. These videos showcase two designs by artist Anne-Lise King, and each design can itself be displayed in numerous ways depending on the orientation of the polarizing filter and the layering of plastic imaging sheets. Light has an orientation, denoted as polarization, and a polarizing filter can be used to block certain orientations. The colors produced here come from how the molecular structure of plastics can rotate the polarization of light that passes through- light corresponding to yellows and greens gets rotated in plastic in proportion to their frequency, red and blue frequencies only a small amount. The images here are constructed with different layers of plastic to rotate the light by differing amounts. Polarizing filters are then added to allow only certain frequencies (colors) of light through.

👉🏻 Solar Sculpture: The paths of 5000 magnetic field lines etched into optical quality glass map the complex flow of plasma in the Sun’s outermost atmosphere replicating how the solar corona appeared on Oct 21, 2000. This sculpture is based on a sophisticated computer model from a group of research scientists at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, and the rendering contains 300,000 etched points to create the image. A map of our wonderful and complex star that can be held in the palm of your hand.

👉🏻 Lenticular Art: geometry in relief and perspective combine to allow the blending of two images. Such dual image paintings go back to at least the 1600’s but this nice geometrical design is by Bob Bechdolt produced in the 1980s.

👉🏻 Reverspective: geometry in relief and perspective combine to produce the illusion of motion. An art form made famous by Patrick Hughes, the image is overlaid on to pyramid shapes that project towards the viewer- but the brain perceives the reverse and creates the illusion of depth and motion.

👉🏻 Cellophane Butterfly Waveplate: an old polarized light demonstration for the classroom from Cenco. Layers of cellophane between two linearly polarizing sheets change color as the orientation of the polarizer is rotated- the physics behind the art of polage.

👉🏻 Spherical Dice: these fair six “sided” dice are hollow inside with a ball that weights each sphere such that one of the six values is always on top. When these dice are rolled (literally!) the internal weight lands in one of six cavities inside creating a low center of mass which aligns one of the numbers to the top.

👉🏻 Infinity Mirror Watch: Wear an illusion of a deep void on your wrist- fluorescent hands and dial on a mirrored face are illuminated by a UV LED and covered by a partially mirrored crystal to create the famous infinity mirror effect by multiple reflections. The Infinity Optics watch was produced in a limited run by Can You Imagine Inc. a few years ago- a perfect accessory for your next rave!

👉🏻 Orbiforms: Currently available on Kickstarter from my friends at @altdynamic

Skew Dice: these unusually shaped dice are completely fair- roll them and the probability of outcomes are identical to a standard set of dice! The odd shapes are a special type of polyhedra called asymmetric trigonal trapezohedra which come in right and left handed versions- this set has one of each (mirror images of each other).

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  1. Because the way light for through the oil and the rod and making it looks invisible. (I am just saying a part of the thing)

  2. I think the refractive index of the tube and water are same therefore they refract the light equally…..'I think'

  3. The refractive index of the glass nearly matches that of the oil. The light isn't refracting sharply enough to see the transition between oil and glass.

  4. Refractive index.the angle of light bent by both the fluid and glass have very small difference so we cant see any change in light flow .so it seems to be invisible.

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