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40 Replies to “10 AMAZING picture frames you can make with REGULAR ROUTER BITS!!!!”

  1. Thanks for the insperation. A straight forward set of instructions works well. Makes me want to invest in more woodworking tools.

  2. Excellent video. Thanks for the drawings. I remember the Woodsmith article you referenced. In fact, I made a big cherry frame with walnut inlays from that article that still hangs in our house.

  3. I made one of these frames and the challenge was pushing around small sticks of wood through a router table. Stumpy recommends double sided tape attached to a push stick. Good quality Sellotape holding the two pieces together also worked for me.

  4. From build to finish, this is the best frame making video I've seen on youtube. Excellent demonstration and explanation!

  5. Something I picked up from Roy Underhill at the Woodwrights Shop (PBS). You can save a lot of wear on your more complex router bits by using your table saw to cut away a lot of waste (such as rabbets & chamfers) then take the job to the router table to finish the shaping.

    If you have them, set up all your routers in tables when doing a run of molding – plenty of free plans for basic router tables out there, it saves you loosing your settings when changing bits – one router = one bit, less fuss & skinned knuckles.

  6. Great idea how to make complex frames with a lower budget. One of the best woodworking channels on the web. Thank you James!!

  7. Some great ideas here. Another advantage I didn't hear you mention about this method is that you can build a large complex frame using a small 1/4" router since you never need a large moulding bit.

  8. Wow I'm surprised you haven't set up a Patreon account yet, as always great information especially for those of us who do not buy complex bits to make picture frames!

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