10 Amazing Themed Cafes Around The World

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For many of us, our hectic lives are fueled by coffee. We rely on it to wake us up in the morning and we continuously chug it throughout the day. While a small percentage of people will pack their own coffee from home, the majority prefer the convenience of a coffee shop. Is there anything better than walking into a local coffee shop where all the employees know your name? Plus, coffee shops are the perfect place to meet up with friends, to get work done, or even to hang out alone. But, as you probably already know, not all coffee shops are created equal. Have you ever been to a coffee shop that looks like it belongs in a comic strip? What about a coffee shop that puts over 100 different kinds of cereal at your disposal? If you want to learn about these unique places, check out this video on 10 Amazing Themed Cafes Around The World.

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