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10 quick mini tutorials on essential tools and how to speed up your illustration process, in under 10 minutes complete:
Version: Illustrator CC 2017, older versions than CC don’t support the rounding corners and join tool.

0:10 // 01 Less Is More. Creating Clean Curves with the Pen Tool
0:53 // 02 Changing a point’s position on the fly
1:24 // 03 Smooth curves using the curvature tool
1:52 // 04 The width tool. Ink style for your lines
2:53 // 05 Rounding corners. The quick & awesome way
3:43 // 06 Global colors and how to change them
4:32 // 07 Adding an artwork’s colors to swatches
5:01 // 08 Scaling multiple line weights at once
6:00 // 09 Using the join tool. Cleaning up a sketch
7:06 // 10 Create badges using the pattern brush


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33 Replies to “10 Essential Adobe Illustrator CC2017 Tips”

  1. This is some life-changing video I have subscribed to you now you better make more of this.
    Thank you very much.

  2. With all honesty, I have been terrified of using this program… Until now. You make it seem so easy and these tips are amazing! Thank you so much!

  3. I've been using illustrator for three years and good lord do I wish I found this video sooner. Would have saved me so much time.

  4. I liked how this video was able to explain a lot of easy ‘shortcuts’ to help make your design much easier. This will help me be more creative with my designs and help make it more easier to make.

    I’m still wondering on if you can use the pen or pencil to draw in illustrator?

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