10 Essential Adobe Illustrator CC2017 Tips

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10 quick mini tutorials on essential tools and how to speed up your illustration process, in under 10 minutes complete:
Version: Illustrator CC 2017, older versions than CC don’t support the rounding corners and join tool.

0:10 // 01 Less Is More. Creating Clean Curves with the Pen Tool
0:53 // 02 Changing a point’s position on the fly
1:24 // 03 Smooth curves using the curvature tool
1:52 // 04 The width tool. Ink style for your lines
2:53 // 05 Rounding corners. The quick & awesome way
3:43 // 06 Global colors and how to change them
4:32 // 07 Adding an artwork’s colors to swatches
5:01 // 08 Scaling multiple line weights at once
6:00 // 09 Using the join tool. Cleaning up a sketch
7:06 // 10 Create badges using the pattern brush

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