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Finally I will be eating the best chicken in the world!!!
I knew that the chicken is going to be huge since it’s native chicken but it was a bit more bigger than I expected!
Who said that native chickens are hard to chew? It’s just chewy enough and very soft! It tastes amazing! It was even better since I catched it. All the nutty flavor from sticky rice and the scent of oriental medicine just made the soup perfect. Also, finishing the meal with chicken porridge!
Please watch and love second part of chicken farm story with Ssoyoung’s hard work!

드디어 최고의닭을 먹습니다!!!
토종닭이 크다는것을 알긴알았지만 OMG!!!!!손질한후에도 엄청컸어요
닭이 크면 질기다고 누가그랬나요??? 진짜 부드럽고 쫄깃쫄깃했어요
그리고 제가직접 잡은닭이라 더 맛있게느껴졌답니다.
한약들과 찹쌀의 고소함! 그리고 닭죽까지 빠지면 섭하겠죠?
닭농장에서 열심히 일한 후 먹는 닭농장 2탄 많이사랑해주세요♡

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35 Replies to “[#2. Amazing Giant Chickens] Giant Chickens VS Ssoyoung 🐔 놀랍게 큰 닭을 잡아먹자! 2탄 炸鸡 チキン。ไก่ทอด Poulet”

  1. Ssoyoung:it’s so BIG!!

    Me:nothing’s bigger than ur hunger gurl (not trying to be rude if it offended u sorry)

  2. the chickens from Korea are so cute that they don’t even want to eat kittens they are so cute

  3. This isn fair she ate a whole chicken
    A king crab
    A giant lobster
    18 or somthing chicken drumsticks


  4. Omgosh I’m sorry but you MONSTER! I have chickens so this was so sad to watch. I could probably never eat something that I saw alive.

    The poor babies! 🐔🐔🐔🐔

  5. It hits home to much to watch the chicken being caught and eaten to be honest. I have a rooster of my own and I don’t kill my chickens but I still eat store bought. I can stand the eels and stuff but this hurts.

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