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Adobe After Effects CC 2019 is coming out soon, and it will come with new puppet tools, including the Advanced and Bend puppet pins. Get a closer look at how to use them in this tutorial!

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42 Replies to “(2019) New Puppet Tools in Adobe After Effects”

  1. this is a great video, thank you for creating it, also, is there a way to get the zebra to walk across screen from one side to the other ? thanks

  2. This is awesome thank you bruh! I do animations for my vids and only ever use the position pin, the new features will surely help with stuff like hands and legs alot!

  3. i try to use duik but im just not good enough, puppet tools are so easier and intuitive and now better than never. great tut, fam. cheers from brazil!

  4. Cool. I am trying DUIK with puppet tools and I have very strange result after bending my character and not sure why.

  5. nice vedio …. i want aske you please … when i use this tool i Shows the message to say "after effects warning : unspecified drowing error." Why tha is happen please help me if you know … because i can't use it 💔

  6. I'm adding the pins where I need them but the whole image moves when I try to move the area I want. How do I prevent this from happening please?

  7. Hello great video. How would I incorporate my hidden art from my Ai. Puppet? Like how can I see the other mouth sets and other profiles of my character? Like looking left or right or walking

  8. This was super helpful! Thank you. I love to listen to your explanatin. They're simple, easy to understand and you said everything necessary! I am looking forward to create my own animation someday 😀

  9. Olá, Boone Loves Video, parabéns, venha conhecer meu canal e ajude para que ele ganhe seguidores, ajudando assim a melhorar nossa cidade e limpar a corrupção da sociedade.
    Curta e se inscreva no meu canal, Obrigado

  10. Fantastic video. New to AE but you're so clear and succinct you answered questions before I asked them and made it non-stressful.

  11. Thanks for sharing your video, I thought after creating Illustrator file I'm gonna transfer it to Adobe Animate CC, but I can't believe It can be done too in After Effects.

  12. This applies perfectly to imported Illustrator objects, but I also noticed that it does not apply to the shapes I create inside AE.
    Am I right or did I miss something?

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