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This video contains many interesting / satisfying /innovative science toys / physics toys.

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This video contains:

👉🏻 Illuminature Book
(physics, physicstoy, physicsfun, hue, rgbcolormodel, colorvision, science, scienceisawsome)

👉🏻 Polarization Test Card
(polarizer, polarizedlight, light, optics, kineticart, electromagnetism, polage, sunglasses)

👉🏻 Gauss Gun
(magnet, magnetic, momentum,collisions)

👉🏻 360° Animated Spinning Hologram
(hologram, grandillusionsltd, spinningtop)

👉🏻 Icy Bodies @exploratorium
(exploratorium, dryice, thermodynamics, condensation)


👉🏻 “Focal Decoder” Holiday Card
(moire, moirepattern, constructiveinterference, interference)

👉🏻 Infinity Bubble Lights
(bubblelights, boilingpoint, chemistry, treelights)

👉🏻 Magneto Aerolux Xmas
(neon, emissionlines, light, quantumphysics, filament)

👉🏻 Tea-Light Floating Engine
(engine, steamengie, candle, heatengine)

👉🏻 Holiday Vintage Aerolux Neon Glow Bulb

👉🏻 Holiday Pyramid

👉🏻 Starfire Sphere

👉🏻 Fiber Optic Galaxy Lamp

👉🏻 Light Guide Animated Tree

👉🏻 Spinning Snowflakes Convection Candle

👉🏻 Monorail Top

👉🏻 Infinity Mirror Lamp

👉🏻 Scandinavian Chimes*

👉🏻 Diffraction Spectrum Candle

👉🏻 Rocking Seagull Kinetic Art

👉🏻 Infinity Mirror Coaster

👉🏻 Bimetal Seesaw Engine

👉🏻 LASER Pointers Through a Diffraction Grating
(laser, laserpointer)

👉🏻 Turbine Convection Color Candle

Moiré Season’s Greetings: rotational moiré pattern generation on a Winter Holiday card from MoMA. The pattern of lines on a transparent top layer (green) is rotated over an identical mirror image pattern (red) creating the characteristic and complex moiré interference patterns.

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41 Replies to “25 Amazing Science Gadgets!”

  1. Bubble lights have made a come back as tree ornaments but they're not cheap and no where near as long on the string as before.

  2. Hello where did you buy this stuffs? Just wanna know just incase..😅

    The spinning deers really caught my attention

  3. Background music is so beautiful,without music video is not interesting.I liked your videos before watch till end.

  4. Quite a few years ago, someone made a 5 ft wooden cube and the interior lined with mirrors. There was also a line of small light bulbs along each edge. While siting inside with a video camera he made a video that looked like infinity in all directions.

  5. As you press the coin it changes shape slightly, which gives it potential energy like a spring. At the same time the heat from your hands cause the metal to expand slightly which causes the coin to hold the pressed down shape. Once the coin has cooled down enough, it then contracts which releases the potential energy and jumps into the air like a spring…. Maybe. Lol.

  6. The coin thing might be in the concave or convex shape and as we press them and release them they tend to get in their original shape.

  7. This is a curved surface coin.
    When it is pressed in the opposite side of the curvature
    It gains potential energy which is punched out to pop the coin..

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