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Android Basics Introduction
Types of Android Devices
Android Features
Android versions
Android Architecture
Android component
Android Setup
Android SDK Setup
Structure of android
Activity Lifecycle
Android Linearlayout
Android Absolute layout
Android Relative layout
Android Table Layout
Android Widgets
Android Button and edit text
Android Compound button
Android Radio Button
Android Toggle Button
Android checkbox
Android Autocompletetextview
Android Progressbar
Android Spinner
Android Datepicker
Android Timepicker
Android Gallery
Android Gridview
Android Imageview
Android Tabview
Android VideoView
Android Webview
Android Fragment
Telephony Manager
Android Calling
Android Dialing
Android Email
Android SMS
Android Toast 
Android Dialog Box
Android List View
Android Menu
Android Notification
Android Intent
Android Multimedia
Android Gallery
Android Camera
Android Service
Android Content Provider
Android SharedPreference
Android Database
Android Preference
Android Wifi
Android Bluetooth
JSON Parsing
Android Bitmap
Android animation
Android Sensor
Text to Speech & Speech to text
Android Google Map
Android Graphics
Android Google Firebase
Android Admob Integration


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