Check out a collection of summer life hacks that will blow your mind:
-You can easily fix flip flops with a paper clip. Watch the tutorial
-Find out how to keep your beverages cool for a long time
-If there is no beach douche and you need to clean your hair, turn a plastic bag into a douche
-Freeze coffee in ice cube silicone mold. After that place, coffee ice cubes into a glass and pour milk. The perfect iced latte is ready!
-Inflate a balloon using soda and vinegar
-Check out a cool way to serve an ice-cream
-Use plastic or paper cups to serve different snacks and appetizers like veggies, chips, nachos
-You will love the trick on how to keep drinks cold. Fill balloons with water and freeze them. It’s a perfect substitute for ice and keeps your party drinks cold for the whole evening
-Turn your pants into an emergency lifejacket
– Try our cool idea on how to defog a diving mask: remove the silicon using a lighter, after that apply toothpaste on the inside of the mask lens until it coats the glass completely. Rinse the mask gently with fresh water until the lens is clear
-We know a magic way to deflate pool toys using a binder clip. You will need a binder clip to apply pressure to the valve. This method helps air to escape more easily
-Turn a towel into a beach bag that you can easily wash in a washing machine
-You can easily make a temporary tattoo using an eyeliner. Make any picture on your hand and cover with hair spray

Watch the video till the end and find incredible makeup ideas to get prepared for the themed parties.

00:39 Brilliant summer ideas
01:53 DIY Beach douche
02:21 Best outdoor party ideas
04:50 Outdoor buffet ideas
07:34 Summer temporary tattoo

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