For more information on honeymoon travel tips and destinations, please visit our website, www.ourhoneymoondestinations.com Here are the itinerary f

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For more information on honeymoon travel tips and destinations, please visit our website, www.ourhoneymoondestinations.com

Here are the itinerary for our 3 amazing days in Sapa.

Day 1

Tour Operator: Sapa O’Chau (

We took the sleeper train from Hanoi to Lao Cai via Chapa Express. Chapa Express (www.chapaexpresstrain.com.vn) is basically the luxury cabins of existing railway lines such as Sapaly. We love the decor and cleanliness of the cabin. We visited Bac Ha Sunday Market, the biggest and most colourful minorities market in Vietnam. Then we went to Ban Pho Village which is best known for its mud walled houses. Here you might also see the local man making Happy Water, a sweet and strong alcoholic beverage made from corn. After which the tour guide brought us to Lao Cai to see the China border at Hekou and Den Mau Temple.
Afterwards, we head back to check in at Phuong Nam Hotel ( The hotel exterior might look a little unattractive but the interior design is superb; moreover, the room is spacious and clean, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains valleys. Your stay here will not be completed without a wefie with the breathtaking views from the hotel’s rooftop.

Day 2

Tour Operator: Sapa O’Chau

After the sumptuous breakfast at Phuong Nam Hotel, we went on the waterfalls tour with our friendly guide from Sapa O’Chau. This tour company is a social enterprise focuses on responsible travel where its proceeds will be giving back to building its community in Sapa. The hike to the Love Waterfall and back to its carpark, takes you to charming forest and river stream; Love Waterfall was indeed another heavenly waterfall we had seen so far. Next we went to see Silver Waterfall. Though the stairways might look a little bit daunting, it is actually an easy hike. You can reach the top of the waterfall within minutes!

After the tour, we went around exploring Sapa Town, you can easily complete the entire town in less than an hour. One thing we love to recommend is have a cup of coffee or ice cream at The Cafe in the Clouds. Here you will be inspired by its beautiful views.

Day 3

Tour Operator: Sapa O’Chau

The same tour guide as Day 2, brought us on a walking trip to Cat Cat Village. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful mountain villages in the world. There is so much Instagram worthy locations here. Amazingly, Cat Cat Waterfall is a refreshing beauty. Near the waterfall, you can also stop by to see a cultural performance at the theatre or see tradtional Hmong villager weaving clothes. After which, the tour guide brought us for a walk from Cat Cat Village to Sin Chai village where you will walked past bamboo forest and streams. And don’t forget the rocky Cat Cat Bridge.

After the tour, we went to Sapa Hill Station where we will take the picturesque train ride to Fansipan. When you reach Fansipan train station, try not to go straight up to the cable car station. Go out for a walk into the sea of flowers and its many pretty photo spots.

Continue ascending Fansipan via the longest, highest and scariest cable car in Indochina. You will reach the top level where you can literally touch the clouds.

Make sure you had bought the furnicular ticket while at Sapa Hill Station so that you do not have to climb 600 over steps to the summit of Fansipan. Take the furnicular, climb another two to three flight of steps and you will reach the summit at 3143m. Literally, you are at the roof top of Indochina.

Above is how you will spend 3 perfect days in Sapa!

Recommended Restaurant for Dinner: Sapa 24
Recommended Hotel: Phuong Nam Sapa
Recommended Tour Company: Sapa O’Chau
Recommended Sleeper Train: Chapa Express

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