Check out a collection of last-minute holiday gifts that you can make with your hands. I love to make soap at home as it’s a very satisfying process and you can create beautiful soaps without an effort. You may create various shapes, use different scents and colors! Moreover, all the supplies are very cheap and sold in craft stores.
If you need budget-friendly gifts, you can make soap that looks gorgeous. Find out the easy step by step tutorials on how to make soap that looks like Cinnabon, rainbow soap, soap that looks like lemon or even like a giant button. I love soaps with various fragrances and lavender soap is my favorite! To make lavender soap, you will need a bar of soap, lavender and food coloring. Microwave a soap bar, mix with lavender and add food coloring. Make any shape you like and enjoy!
The cutest idea is to make soap that looks like cupcakes. This soap will be an adorable gift for your friends. The tutorial is very easy: heat soap base and pour into a cupcake silicone mold. Let cool and frost, a cupcake soap.
As a bonus, you will find a collection of handy restroom life hacks that you will ease your life. Check out what to do when the toilet seat is cold, what to do if the lock is broken, how to fix the clogged toilet using aspirin, replace plunger with a plastic bottle, how to make a toilet paper holder from a plastic bottle.

00:09 Soap-making tutorials
00:15 Soap that looks like Cinnabon
06:19 Lavender soap
07:35 DIY Rose soap
08:58 Rainbow soap
10:54 Restroom life hacks

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