5 Steps to AMAZING Architecture Pictures

In this video I tell you the secrets of how to get amazing images of architecture in any town, any city. Plus, what is the law on shooting in the city? What if you get stopped by security? Can they stop you taking pictures? What are your rights?

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Olympus OM-D E-M1
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Olympus OM-D Pen F

Olympus 12-40mm PRO
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Canon G7X
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  • IF you're prohibited from using a tripod. use a monopod and if told you cannot use it… ask to see the written police or regulation that prohibit a MONOPOD. In NYC, Ghouliani imposed an edit prohibiting tripods on sidewalks; I confronted by a vociferous cop that would not listen; I demanded he call his C.O. or his immediate supervisor; he refused. I had my buddy call the precinct and was told to wait on the sidewalk for the supervisor. He came and dismissed the loudmouth cop and told me to have a nice day. Besides, I was photographing a building across the street with a beautiful ornamental door from between 2 parked cars… I was, therefore, not using a TRIpod, not blocking the walkway/sidewalk… not committing a crime.

  • Great video thanks. Could you tell me if you ever use Keystone Compensation on you Olympus Cameras when you are shooting Architecture Pictures?

  • Thank you for taking the time to make this video. The steps make sense, you have a great voice and camera presence, and the example photos are stunning.

  • You know I should have viewed this lesson a couple of times before I had my lesson with you. It would have made those lessons even better and they were great as they were. I think I will view this one periodically as I seem to get more out of it after each view.

  • Great. Congratulation. You have an exceptional eye and sense for composition. Very happy that I discoverded your vlogs.

  • What a great channel. Kudos for the great info and the amazing photos. Very inspiring! Looking forward to getting caught up on all these other vids!

  • It's weird how, when you look at a building, you can't see a good image but when someone like you points it out it becomes clear and obvious. Just wish I had your incite.

  • Your images are brilliant as always! These tips are awesome and I really like the thought of thinking/using a far away building or structure as a mountain and then looking for an interesting foreground. This makes a lot of sense as this is exactly how I shoot my landscapes. Thank you Craig and keep up the good work!

  • # 6: Keep a wide(!) margin, so you can crop your picture later.
    With a wide lens one can keep buildings "straight" (and save a tilt-shift-lens), and later crop out the excess. When using Lightroom or Photoshop consider that you'll loose a lot of a shot when doing that "upright" stuff.
    BTW: I like your cityscape pictures very much. They are extraordinary, and classes better than your landscapes. Keep up the good work!

  • Great tips as always Craig. You are an excellent teacher and I always learn something from your vlogs. Thanks!

  • Great vlog again, French enjoy watching too ! now the deal is to go out and shoot…
    well, I have 2 excuses for tomorow:
    32°c in my town and The RedDeavill are on my way to the final against the 3Lions.
    hélas, Photos will waits Bonne soirée Craig ! 🙂

  • I, too, haven't thought much about shooting buildings, but this excellent video (as well as a couple of your previous ones) has convinced me to give it a go. Your example shots, by the way, are fabulous.

  • Good one Craig. Love your compositions.Your UK viewers might also be interested in this video on security https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raX9Rr29O2c

  • Its a shame there paving over "one tower bridge" little river/water feature channel leading to the view of tower bridge and the reverse view of the shard. went down to get to get my shot and it railing everywhere at the moment, i was well guttered

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