$50 FAKE vs $180 REAL UltraBOOST Comparison

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  • Fakes are between 25 and 30 $ on the internet! 50 is to much! I am talking about VERY good replica, you can have simple ones for 10$! you just have to know where to buy!

  • I don’t like replicas but I also don’t like resellers selling shoes for 3 times the worth of the shoes

  • Could you explain away the squishy parts for an older pair of ultraboosts if someone asked? Like I honestly think it will be harder for you to differentiate between the sneakers if you did not check them side by side. Same for every other sneaker unless you have been working with them your whole life, not like anyone will walk up to you and call you out for fake kicks.

  • The replica market is crazy: Shoes are becoming and are 1:1 Jerseys been 1:1 next is street clothes give it one more year and it’s game over

  • Wow, those fakes look really good actually, if it wasn't you showing the differences with these counterfeits I wouldn't notice, plus theres people selling fakes at the same price of the real ones.

  • £50 for fakes, i just bought some original ultra boost in the sale half price for £75! And no they are not fake, they are from a running shop that just deals in top of the line running sneakers.

  • Wait my dad got me a par of ultra boosts on Amazon prime and it said it was 160 dollars but it said it was on sale for 60$ did I get a fake one

  • Idk man. I buy Ultra Boost for comfort and it’s a plus that they look really good. If they didn’t have the Boost there’s no way in heeeell I’d be paying $180 for these.


  • It’s not fair to the companies… LMAO… yeah adidas really needs a few more billions sitting in the execs accounts. Fuck off

  • Both look great 🤔. I bought my Ultra boosts from Footlocker on sale plus a coupon😛😁. $100.00😃😍. I am happy with them

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