500 Miles Test: Adidas ALPHABOUNCE is better than ULTRABOOST 1.0? The Best shoe for travelling

I never thought I would mention this in a video, but I guess experience with them both after walking with the alphabounce and the ultraboost for 500 + miles hours really did change my perspective on what is comfortable. Remember this review is for the ultraboost 1.0 not the 2.0 or 3.0.

So have you travelled far with the Ultraboost or Alphabounce? Which one in your opinion is the best shoe for long distance travelling?

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May 6, 2020

May 6, 2020 6


  • If wanna talk about style I do not understand why Ultraboost is more style ? I mean, the boost sole (of all boost model) after a period of used time will become kind of dirty looking, the bright white color when out of the box will be gone and replace by some color of mud, dirt,… anything can left a color on the boost sole. But bounce sole seems still keep the color well as out of the box, it look much cleaner at least. So for style i think bounce is better, boost (or Yezzy) just more famous in style market by advertising and celebrities

  • Enough information for me to differ between boost or bounce. So basically boost is not okay for long period of walking or long running while bounce more stable n comfortable. Boost is esthetically nice while bounce was functional. Very good review.

  • i know this is an old video, but i totally agree with you. i walked in tokyo last fall in boost and my feet were great when i started walking each day (and seemed like i could walk forever at first), but became sore after half a day and got worse as the day went. i know everybody's feet and legs are different so not everyone will agree. my feet are flat and my legs/knees make me walk over pronated. i think of boost as walking barefoot on sand like at a beach, its comfy and squishy but your feet and legs are constantly working to stabilize as you walk and you probably don't want to walk in sand all day. bounce is more stable and as if walking barefoot on carpet. i assume a person walking on carpet can probably walk longer than a person on a beach. then there's other shoes where its like walking barefoot on cement. im also going to tokyo again in a few months, and i actually bought bounce and i cant wait to see if our theory is correct that bounce is better long term in walking.

  • I have both shoes and I totally agree with you on how the AB is better for prolong wear/travel and the UB is good for short travel/around town.

  • I wanna get a shoe that is versatile, so mainly just for every day so walking a lot but also occasionally running and training. Should i get pureboost or alpabounce or ultraboost?

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