7 Interesting and Surprising Things about Vietnam 🇻🇳

Ever wondered what Vietnam is like? I take you through some of the most shocking and surprising things about Vietnam.

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Music by Jordyn Edmonds

Huge thanks to additional filming by Scott M., Shachi Mall, OLD VIET, KDP Review, Bossmvlog, and The Earth From Above

a movie by Cal McKinley


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  • And yes I swear that was the only motorbike accident I got into while I lived there 🙂 Check out my website for what you SHOULD do while in Vietnam! https://www.golocaltips.com/hochiminh

  • I'm viet american and this is a very good video and it's pretty accurate the stuff you mention, especially the differences between north, central and south Vietnam. You've really took your time to understand vietnam before you spout information, unlike a lot of other channels. And the stuff about the smile you said at the end is also true. I was surprised you were able to pick up on that. You really tried to understand the culture. I just subbed bro

  • Alot of the accidents in vietnam are caused either by drunk drivers (vietnamese people love drinking), or long haul truck drivers on meth

  • Ok in VEITNAM, there is NO criticism of people’s food because be nice and also they say be thankful in the nicest way sooooooooo…… yeet , yea also in the less populated side there is a child motorcycle which kids can ride and I love it. Also I know everyone that lives near me and also I know them so well I know there pets, one was a rooster that woke me up

  • I spent 10 yrs in VN and really enjoyed it. What started as a 3 year plan to enhance my resume turned into a 10 year life changing experience. I truly re-prioritized my life and now misses it a lot after having moved back to the States. I really miss riding the scooter and feeling so free. I miss having my loved one sitting behind me whispering in my ear, I miss my son sitting in front looking back at me as I talk to him, I miss smelling something good and just pull up on the sidewalk and enjoy a great freshly cooked meal at an unbelievable price. I also miss that perfect description you use about "community" – the live and let live attitude and how it permeates life in the houses in the alley, the crowded streets with full of scooters, even how the stores would let non customers crowd in front of their entrance to get away from the rain. I hope you enjoyed VN and thanks for the video.

  • Hi Cal,
    can you please make a guitar lesson on calplaysguitar to red rain from the white stripes I really would enjoy it. Thanks if you make it

  • what surprised me the most was the mind-blowing fashion of those ladies in their matching PJ bodysuits… everywhere you look

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