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This week’s eliminated contestant : “To the girl that’s replacing me… I hope you go far in this competition, further than you did the first time.”


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A Contestant Is Replaced By A Previously Eliminated Model | America’s Next Top Model


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43 Replies to “A Contestant Is Replaced By A Previously Eliminated Model | America's Next Top Model”

  1. Sorry but these models now for these past recent years including 2020 are just not that good looking. The models were way more beautiful back in the 2000s

  2. dang everything has changed. I was just browsing to see what's up with antm these days and tyra out of the picture

  3. One of the worse season ever…….. Most of contestant doesnt fit as model at all… So much drama dan i think, non of them have the x-factor and model material………

  4. Rita Ora is Amazing She's Pretty, Sweet and Beautiful I think That She's a Great Host on ANTM 🙂

  5. Rita is not model or an American and she’s not a good host so I don’t understand why they chose her but she’s a great singer

  6. Omg rita i love u gal but no way.. U cant be a host. U were such a bore🙄
    Am glad i didn't get to watch this cycle jeeeezzz!

  7. I haven’t watched antm since Tyra left. Rita is soooo boring and flat I didn’t believe anything she said at least Tyra cared and it showed! #bringbacktyra where are you Tyra this show needs you

  8. I feel like the show used to be so vibrant and fun, now it's so strict and high-fashion based. and most of the models look like they came straight off of instagram instead of the type of girls that they used to pick

  9. Giah was so much better than Tash and I know we’re in cycle 24 and Tyra’s back but TRASH RITA’S TRASH

  10. I’m sorry but was Kyle a girl or guy or trans???? It’s buggin me I can’t watch the full episodes

  11. Rita's presence is just not the same as tyra . Even the models are taller than her making her seem small and insignificant

  12. Agggg what happened to this show, i love Rita and her music big fan by the way… but she should maybe leave this for professionallys.. i mean what does she know about modelling. Sory but that's just my honest opinion.

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