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I get this error whenever I do file IO on my server, and I haven’t given permission to the file or folder I want to access:
Access to the path is denied.
(for example when I read from or write to a file or save a file).

I always forget how to fix this error and give the permission…so I’m creating this video so I will remember the next time.


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  1. Thanks, it worked on Win7 for me for a file that one of my apps complained it could not access in its configuration settings with "access denied" on exiting the program. So it would not exit unless forced.

    Went through your steps but I merely learned from you and gave myself "full control" on the config file that this program was denied access, even while running it as administrator. Worked like a charm. Closed perfectly after that.

  2. Thanks. This also worked for WinToBootic which I used to make a bootable flash drive containg Windows installer iso, but it gave "access to path is denied" error, so I did this tutorial (adding Network Service with full control in the Security properties). Success.

  3. it works, thumbs up. Women will never stop and say um… because they don't forget shit like us men, you did it straight and perfect good job. you know how to please a man 🙂 

  4. From one female developer to another. Thank you so much for this video, it has saved me so much frustration.

  5. Are you a FEMALE developer or something? This is like finding a unicorn!! I just don't come across female developers. Always wondered why there aren't more of you around. Keep it up. And thanks for the video.

  6. I get this error message when trying to write a new file to a directory on my web server. FYI or in case anyone has same problems using, it's easy to fix. Within godaddy acct, access FTP file manager. Use Permissions tab (while highlighting folder) that you want to allow access, etc. Adjust settings. Done deal.

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