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1) I have Ubtuntu installed as virtual box in Windows 7
2) Apache2 is installed in Ubtuntu
3) I tried to access Apache in Ubtuntu and failed.
4) Check Ubutuntu IP address
5) Check Windows 7 IP using
Different internal network
6) Open VM virtual box manager
In newtork, change attached to
Host-only adapter
7)Wait 1 minute, check Ubutuntu IP address
same network as Windows 7
8)type address in Firefox in host computer Windows 7

Note it may cost Ubutuntu network failed.
In network, change attached to back to
for connection to outside in Ubutuntu .
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22 Replies to “Access Ubuntu Apache server in VirtualBox from host computer.”

  1. You're missing something in your explanation. 192.168.1.* and 192.168.56.* are not in the same subnet if you're using a /24 mask, so your normal OS shouldn't of been able to reach that webpage unless it was cached from the first time you got it to work before making this video.

  2. That did not worked for me. I used Ubuntu as a host computer. It was not possible to set up the "Host-only adapter" in VirtualBox surprisingly.

  3. Bro do you have any idea what you have done? I wasted 3 hours searching on internet and finally landed on this video which solved my problem in 2 minutes. Thank you for making this video! Here take my subscribe and like!

  4. Many thanks for this video. Whatever you lack as a professional presenter you've made up with actual useful information, which is far more important.

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