Activating USB-Debugging blind and restore files with black/broken screen [OnePlus3t/OxygenOS 5.0.1]

In this video guide I show you, how you can activate blind USB-Debugging and MTP-USB Mode

The Android version in this video is Android 8.0.0/OxygenOS 5.0.1. If you have another version or a phone from another brand this Guide might not help you!

The guide in textform:

80s by Chill Carrier
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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  • Please read before commenting!
    If you are a "Captain Obvious": I probably had the same problem as you have now and you are searching for a solution to restore your data, fine. My screen was broken (completely black) and I asked on the OnePlus Forums for help or more precisely for a step by step guide to activate MTP-USB with an external Keyboard. Nobody responded, so I had to send my phone in and get it back with all my data deleted. So I thought it would be nice to give you, the people with the same problem an opportunity to backup your data with the method I asked for and never got a respond. So yes my screen isn't broken anymore, it's obviously a new one! And how would it even helped you better when the screen didn't worked in the first place?

    So please… before you take out your Torches and Pitchforks and start complaining that this doesn't work or that my screen isn't black… Check the title again.. Ohhhh right a OnePlus3t guide and ohhh as shown in the video and in the Forum Post and the Description, it's a guide for Oxygen OS 5.0.1!

    I don't want to blame anybody who asked in the comments for help for an other devices or software version and I think it's good if you ask, because maybe somebody will respond with the same Phone, or same Softwareversion as yours and may help you. It isn't guaranteed that this guide works on other devices and other software Versions, or even on yours. But the comments show that it works for some people, even on other devices like the OnePlus One!

    Please write if this guide worked or didn't worked for you and on which phone and which software Version, so you can help others!

    I use my OnePlus 3t still today, so I am sorry I can't make any guides for phones I don't have, but I want to encourage you to make your own guide, if nobody could help you as I did.. This may not bring your favourite pictures of your ehh "cats" back,I know.. but maybe it helps others!

    I am sorry for this post, but I can't believe the ignorance of so many people. Calling me an "ass head" or the video "clickbait" (#noAds?) proofs just your own stupidity. For those people: Please do the world a favour and use the little piece of wabbling jelly in your head once, even if you are now on the internet and nobody can see your little tiny friend down there. I mean, sure we are here in the internet and my comment looks a little bit naive, but please if you react like this nobody may help you or others?!

    Thanks to all the good people that responded to others (I never got any notifications, so this is the first time after a year in the comments.. sorry for that) and defended me against the trolls. Good look!

  • I have OTG enabled in my op3t, i can follow these instructions using a keyboard but there is a little problem, HOW DO I UNLOCK MY PHONE, if i restart it asks me to enter the pattern to unlock, how do i enter that pattern if i cant see my screen, help!!!

    I have a pattern lock not pin lock is there any way I can still unlock too?
    also my screen is black and touch is not working but the phone is working 100%$

    On higher versions of OxygenOS than 5.0.1 OTG is in default deactivated!
    If you haven't activated it before your phone broke, you can't this method and I don't know other ways. Sorry

  • What a GREAT tutorial! I don't have this phone but you are great at giving clear instructions. Subbed to you for that reason, keep it up you are going places!

  • first time comment…
    bcz of …
    you slove my prob with in 2 mint …
    im speechless to your thankxs…
    again thank you so much …

  • followed the instructions, and yet i only get a folder named "ONEPLUS A3003" and it does not show an internal folder… any help?
    rooted oneplus 3 using lineage OS

  • Need help very badly.. When I connect to laptop my keyboard is responding to laptop rather than phone (As I dont know whether it is responding to phone or not bcoz it is blank) . I could only see red light on top left when I connect cable. I am not sure whether phone is switched off or ON to enter Pin/Pattern? waiting more clarity on this issue.

  • Hey 🙂 Thanks for the video Dominc ! I have a question, my OP3 doesn't respond to my commands when I type on the keyboard. Do i need a "simple" keyboard who doesn't need electricity to work ? Because mine is from "SPIRIT OF GAMER", and when it's connected to my PC a red light is shining from inside, but that light doesn't glow when it's connected to the OP3 by OTG… Sorry for bad english !

  • Activating USB-Debugging blind and restore files with black/broken screen << the title is contradicting the video, his phone is not black nor broken! common sense please!

  • 1:20 hey, what passwort? 🙁 i removed the sim cards as you told in the first steps… do you mean to unlock the phone? i had my fingerprint… but after i removed the cards it doesnt work. as an alternative i had a pattern… but i cant draw it 🙁

  • i have a black screen in redmi note 4 after i switch it on it just show the screen for 2-3 seconds and then turn black all keys and buttons working even screen also works when i try to swtich it off but not showing anything else.for this method i have all the materials but how to use them i am not getting please help redmi note for miui9 stable rom please

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