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ADB(Android Debug Bridge)
If your device is not detected or unauthorized by your Android Studio. You need to follow the steps explained in video.

If you have custom ROM installed on your device you might have to restore back to your original system in rare cases, like i have to do it.

If you get allow option on your phone after following the steps in video then you are good to go, no need to restore.
Make sure your developer options are activated!


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39 Replies to “ADB Unauthorized || SDK Android || Unknown Device detection By Android Studio”

  1. when i hit edit on path it brings up edit environmental variables not system variables, there is a lot of paths listed.

  2. What is that window you're logged on at the beginning of the video? You don't mention how to get there. Also I cannot find the sdk file. Help.

  3. I cant find the appdata folder, but there is a folder in my user file called ".android"
    all that's in it is a configurations settings file called "adb_usb". In need help

  4. Hi Harshit,

    While i am doing root on my honor 5x device it is showing

    device unauthorized.
    This adbd's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set; try 'adb kill-server' if that seems wrong.
    Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.

  5. i cant debug my phone, i have pattern lock, my screen display is cracked and black, none of these methods shown work…….now what????

  6. Where can I download this??? The touch screen of my phone is gone, but I've put usb deb. on just when I bought cause a friend sayd to do, help please

  7. quisiera que me ayudaras por favor tengo una kindle fire que no arranca esta en el logo inicial y quiesiiera hacerle unbrick para poder reinstalar el sistema pero cuando lo conecto a la computadora y escribo "adb device" me sale "D025A0A024341CQF unauthorized", ya le hice "adb kill-server, adb start-server" y me sigue saliendo D025A0A024341CQF unauthorized.

    que hago, ayudame por favor

  8. Hi, your video is perfect for my solution and I did everything still it shows unauthorized when typed adb devices. I didn't received any message on my phone in recovery mode. My phone is on custom cyanogenmod and I am unable to access usb debugging. In that case, how to make my device authorized? Pls. help.

  9. C:Windowssystem32>adb start-server
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    error: Invalid argument: cannot open transport registration socketpair
    could not read ok from ADB Server
    * failed to start daemon *
    error: cannot connect to daemon

    I get this error help.

  10. Hi! I have a broken black touch screen android with usb debugging enabled, but unable to authorize it through phone because the screen is black. Is there a way to authorize it with PC or any other ways?

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