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+This video has been uploaded as a tutorial for educational purposes.
+You can disable or enable AdBlock on ANY webpage you are on at your leisure.


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  1. I thought it was a tutorial how to use it not how to install it.
    I would like to know how to unblock things on a website that Adblock are blocking when
    I am enabling Adblock ultimate on a website
    and how to choose what to block without ADU blocking automatically
    and what all the filters mean in options 🙂

  2. 😋Loving the Fat AL petty badge. I want to buy a 100 of those and mail it to our girl along with bean bags.

  3. I have an Android and I installed Free Adlock Browser from the app store and it works GREAT. The layout for YouTube looks a little different but so worth it to not have any ads on any videos! HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANY FELLOW ANDROID USERS! I'm not sure whether this app works or is available for iPhones tho.

  4. Queen CXNT coming in with the tutorial! I would watch the eff out of a tutorial on how to use a VPN! I dont want my ISP knowing I secretly watch British TV without paying!

  5. I would recomend uBlock origin over adblock less stress on cpu and it also has a feature that blocks a lot of malicious websites

  6. Thanks. I always wondered how this was done. I was always afraid I'd get malware. Does it work on Facebook? So many ads nowadays.

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