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Add Watermark Tutorial : Photoshop CS6
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15 Replies to “Add Watermark Tutorial : Photoshop CS6”

  1. The clip speeds over the most integral steps with little to no clear verbal instruction at these stages and then lingers on basic screen movements for overly long periods. I had to re-visit sections of the clip several times in order to get a clear break down of all the steps. NOT RECOMMENDED.

  2. My letters appear extremely small and on top left.. this is really stupid just get a custom watermark from one of the free sites

  3. Thank you – was helpful. Please can you talk more and explain step by step what comes first, what – after and why do you do it this way…

  4. I made a watermark using Photoshop CS6. I followed this video and did literally every step. Even the small forgetable steps. I've watched many different videos on how to make a watermark brush. And I do all the steps correctly but when I use the brush on a photo, it doest show up. I add the layer, make the color black, the opacity is at 100%, it's a png file, added a new layer, and anything else that the video said. But it doesn't show up when I use the brush. I am clueless.

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