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Carlo Ople Exclusive!

For this vlog I finally do my on-feet review of the adidas AlphaBounce Beyond M. This is arguably one of the best bang-for-your-buck and versatile sneakers that you guys can pick up today. It’s even more awesome if you can get it at a discount or if you find it at an outlet store.

I highly recommend the adidas AlphaBounce Beyond M (2019). You guys definitely have to give it a go.


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  • I work in a warehouse and am on my feet on concrete for 9+ hours per day. I've tried tons of shoes with tons of different styles of cushioning and support. For me, the Alphabounce Beyond (and Epic React Flyknit) are the best for being on my feet for extended periods (the aforementioned 9+ hours daily on concrete). While the Bounce cushioning isn't as squishy as Boost, and the mesh upper isn't as stretchy as Primeknit, it is actually superior for those reasons. When you're on your feet for extended periods of time, you tend to sink into the heels if cushion is too plush. This can cause fatigue and stress/injury to your plantar fascia and achilles. The Bounce provides great impact protection while still retaining some structure and support, and the mesh upper provides a more snug and supportive fit that doesn't allow your foot to move around as much within the shoe. So, an Ultraboost may be better for walking around the mall for a couple of hours, but the Alphabounce Beyond is something you can wear for a long period of time and not think about your feet, which is better for those situations.

  • I don't know about the beyond, but the regular alphaboost I just discovered outstanding for outdoor hoops if you like to run around, defend and drive. Great impact protection, no limited movement, super fluid heel to toe transition. I wish they set up their bounce basketball shoes with this set up. I'm hooping the beyond does add that better upper support, but hoping they didn't mess too much with their bounce set up.

  • Sir Carlo, ano pong BACKGROUND MUSIC PO yung ginamit po dto sa video, and all the other videos, I really need it for a Project for school to be passed tomorrow and sa mga fans po nanakakaalam baka po alam niyo po

  • We were just able to cop these for only 1,590 at Adidas Riverbanks with their clearance sale. Great pair, comfort and style :>

  • I just picked these up for $39 after using my 20% coupon. They marked down to $49. Unbelievable. I love these. I just hate that I know this pretty sole will get all wrinkly because I weigh 300lbs lol.

  • i order it on zalora but i get the 8.5US size and is it true that it size long?? i have adidas superstar and my size there was 8 US but sobrang sikip sa toe kaya nag 8.5 US size yung inorder ko. OK lang kaya yung size ko?? can u answer me?

  • You didn't highlight the Continental Tires rubber outsole of the Beyond. I've always hated sneakers with non-rubber outsoles. It gets too tiring to walk inside the smooth shiny corridors of malls. It's like walking in place. You stay in place an inch or two for every step you take. I'm buying this for the outsole and also for the all black design if I could still find one.

  • Copped mine a while ago on grey/black colorway. I will use it on my work.. minimum of 10k steps per day. . Hoping it will not slip on kitchen areas 🤣

  • Alpha bounce are soo underrated, they are very durable, better for running compared regular Ultraboost for sure. Yes I think UB are overrated but not the UB 19s. The 19s is what regular UB should have been and they get that much hate? I have almost every color way for the beyonds. This will be my next color way for sure. They look damn sleek also especially when looking down at your feet when you have them on.

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