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Here is a review of the Adidas x Alexander Wang Futureshell by BEAN.

[I’m really enjoying these shoes and wanted to let everyone know what I’ve noticed about them thus far :^)]

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Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang Futureshell Review | 11 TWENTY-SIX


11 Replies to “Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang Futureshell Review | 11 TWENTY-SIX”

  1. As an OG #sneakerhead myself I actually loved this review, she gave you very detailed insights on the shoe, and proceed to give a styling tip while wearing em. I must say I am really impressed, so "keep doin' yo thing"… I just subscribed 🙂

  2. I can't believe this video has so few views. This is the best review video I've seen in a long time! Shame, I dont know my Adidas size but I hope the 8.5W works out!

  3. Dope video. I got these last year sometime I regret it getting them only because the run big other than that it’s a dope shoe

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