AdMob Banner Ads – Mobile Ads Garage #2

Welcome to the Mobile Ads Garage, a YouTube series where we’ll show you the nuts and bolts of the Google Mobile Ads SDK and the best ways to monetize your apps while keeping users happy.

This is our second episode, so we’re covering how to get started with the SDK and add a banner ad to projects in Android and iOS.


To skip directly to the iOS implementation, please follow this link:

AdMob Quick Start iOS:

AdMob Quick Start Android:

Sample Code for iOS:

Sample Code for Android:

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  • You skipped the Android Manifest stuff that is in the documentation. PLEASE for the love of God update this video.

  • How to create a shared admob banner ad? Create it in appdelegate and add it to any view that i want?

  • admob plugin give an error in xcode googlemonbileads.h not found
    why it is give an error i m download the plugin official website ?? i m trying last 3 to 4days

  • while implement of banner it will loaded but not show as per google guild line as well as google git hub sample code.. ? even if not error it just Add was loaded on add listener.. so can you explain why this kind of issues occur while implementing of banner ads. i have put both side add unit on my java as well as XML files.

  • My admob account terminated with balance of +8500$ i didn't receive any email for the reason of termination, i don't know if i'll get my monthly revenue or not, if anyone still working with admob i think it's the best time to switch to another trustable ad network …

  • My apps crash when in implement "" while my compileSdkVersion is 28

  • WOW! if every google product had clean tutorials like this… coding would be so much more fun! I also have a Question: I cant seem to find the difference in money earned between a regular banner sized Ad and a large banner sized Ad?

  • i can't install admob in my project. Whenever i am doing it it is showing a error in my dependencies @ app:compact activity version 28.0.0

  • This video instruction is good, but Xcode has since been updated. And using the code from this video in your project now will return errors. What is the new code for the latest Xcode version?

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