Adobe Animate CC 2019 Released

The popular vector animation package previously known as Flash Professional, just got a major new updated to 2019. In this release new functionality includes free form deformation of vector and raster graphics, automatic lipsyncing, glTF export, a new launch screen, layer effects and more.



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  • عمل محاكاة الطبيعة بأستخدام برنامج Adobe Animate CC 2019

  • WOW I have never heard so much chatter and yet so little substance. 11:11 min I will never get back. Sorry if I am being too harsh, but I have very little time to absorb information during my free time. I am a bit put off by this video and I would recommend less crack(talking way to fast) and more focus on your subject so as to furnish a better presentation. You have lost me as a future listener. For Now.

  • Can anyone convert my AS2 site to HTML5 in which I can continue working on it in AACC? I can't pay, please call it charity. Reply if you're up to the challenge. It's a small site, has a PHP emailer for my eCards. You can study my fla files to see how I assembled and organized the function, just mimic it in AACC so I can easily continue working on it by copying and pasting (I have some cards done, but need to finish the rest on my own, hence the copying I mentioned.)

  • 8:50 I am using it right now. Disappointed with it's glitches, 2018 version. It's no match for the Flash CS6 in terms of stability. It even has errors while scrolling. I am using it just to test but God, is awful.

  • Meh, unless they add mesh features to the bone tool so it would be possible to make bitmap animations like in Spine or Dragonbones it's still will be outmatched… I rarely see any games made with cut-out animation, it's more and more about lazy ass bitmap tweaking with bones and meshs. As for cartoons, more and more ppl shift to toon boom harmony. Every studio now requires you to animate in harmony/spine.

  • are the new features like mesh programmable? can they be exported to AIR? can you show us a little bit more of how the AIR publishing looks like in the latest animate?

  • I have been waiting for ages for auto-lip sync, easier parenting and now warp tool?!!! OMFG, Glad I didn't moved to toon boom yet since my friend recommend me to use it.

  • I have been using Flash since 2005. I make all of my cartoons on my channel with it. The most exciting thing about this update is the new lip syncing feature. OMG can't wait to use it. It will speed up my process so much faster so that way my fans won't have to wait for my new cartoon episodes. Thanks for the review bro!👍🏼🙌

  • Holy jesus.. Guys you know
    i am an Animator. And i always prayed to god for stuffs like AUTO LIP-SYNCING, DEFORMATION ,PARENTING
    in Adobe Animate CC.. Knew it Animate gonna Fight Toon Boom harmony. Adobe is the Best of all

  • A lot of studios use ToonBoon, mostly because it can do hybrid 3D. I don't hear a lot about animation studios using Animate/Flash. But these features might really help it. I know that Adobe After Effects is heavily used with 2D productions/graphic advertising. ToonBoon is really expensive if anyone is curious about it lol…

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