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Adobe Audition CC 2015 is out now along with all the other 2015 Adobe Creative Cloud updates. Here are my top 3 new features:

* Automatic Session file backup
* Custom Level Meters crossover values
* Schedule recording

There are, of course, many more additions and improvements.

You can read about them all here:

Listen to my podcast interview with Durin Gleaves, Product Manager at Adobe Audition here:


16 Replies to “Adobe Audition CC 2015”

  1. Hi Mike, I have audition cc 2015 my time display disappears when i close audition. How can i make it permanent so that it stays there whenever i open audition.
    thank you

  2. Hey Mike, is there a way to "nest" a multi track session? Meaning, could I select multiple audio clips on a timeline and treat them as a single clip in order to apply noise reduction or other effects?

  3. Hi, great video! By the way, what mic do you use? Do you use any audio interface like focusrite? Could you show us how to apply some effects to our recordings in order the voice sounds more clear and crisp?

  4. hello hello mike pleasure, following all your work, please, maybe can make a video and connect Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 and dbx 286s have read the espicifaciones, but some cables do not veos well

  5. Hey, what microphone do you use? How do you make yourself sound so professional? Please explain to us how! Do you add any effects, etc.?

  6. I don't recommend updating at this time if you're a Premiere Pro user. PP CC 2015 has a bunch of issues and crashes constantly. Adobe is supposed to aware of the problem, but hasn't yet sent out a fix.

  7. Awesome. I have a really quick question. I do Let's Plays, and for ease of use, I always just record using Quicktime player and my Yeti Mic connected via USB. Would you recommend I start recording my audio WITH Adobe Audition? I usually record anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. So I just worry there might be some lag from the program that would cause the sync to slip. 

    Thoughts? Would it improve my audio quality? I've had CC forever now, and with the new updates, I figured it might be a good time to hop into it. Thanks in advance!

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