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Adobe Audition CC 2018 is here!

Learn about the latest audio production features in this Adobe Audition 2018 tutorial and review with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative.

Auto-Ducking in essential sound allowing you to duck music against a voice over. Adjust sensitivity, ducking volume and fade duration. Get the perfect mix in seconds!

Keyboard shortcuts for multitrack fades allow you to hold ALT/OPT to get symmetrical fades on both sides of an audio clip. CTRL/CMD will change the fade shape and SHIFT will fix the duration or shape.

New Dynamics effect (previously the legacy Compressor effect from Premiere Pro) Is a really click noise gate, compressor, expander and limiter all in one. It includes great gate open or closed lights and LEDs to show you how hard the compression is working. It’s also super simple to setup – easily one of the best compressors in Adobe Audition CC 2018.

Major improvements to mixdowns and bounces of audio files. Apparently up to 400% faster even with 3rd party effects!

Finally, in this session, you can now fully overlay multitrack clips without them ever disappearing away behind another clip. Right click to get menu options such as Bring Clip to Front or Send Clip to Back for each clip.

There are so many more awesome new features in Adobe Audition CC 2018. Make sure to subscribe to hear about each one, in detail, on my channel soon:


20 Replies to “Adobe Audition CC 2018 Tutorial”

  1. i just saw your video from playlist. But i dont know what i should watch first. Could you arrange the videos in order.

  2. I'm pretty sure you said "on how you can find them on your work flow" BUT you started on the editing 1st and never mention where are we going to hit the cursor to find the audition GOOD JOB. I learn to watch the whole video without knowing where is the audition.

  3. Mr. Mike Russell I am very impressed with your technical capabilities in Adobe Audition. I would like to ask you if you would slow down your explanation of the program and the great capabilities available in the program. My English is good but not excellent enough. Thank you for your cooperation.

  4. Hello my dear, I do not know how to get the final output of this software, maybe one time explaining this process?

  5. This is what I was looking for some of the tutorials the guys speak to fast and use short cuts and do a terrible job at explaining, it feels like they assume everyone knows the program and shortcuts i feel like you do a good job keeping it slow and clicking on things to help newer people, I love when tutorials teach in a way like it's someone first time EVER using the program.

  6. Hi Mike 🙂 I write you because I have a little problem.
    A.A. takes disk space on my computer, even if I work entirly on external hard drive projects (and deleted media cache files). Why? I don't understand and it worries me because my free disk space becomes more and more empty, projects after projects. 🙂 Have you encountered this problem once?
    Thanks, and cheers from Chalandray, France 🙂

  7. Hey Mike…updated. Now don't know if it's me and lacking in tech skills, but when I use the ducking feature on the music. Duck against Dialogue, it appears that only one channel is ducking, the left channel. The right channel isn't ducking at all. It's especially apparent when I solo the channel out. And I've tried it in both "solo" mode checked and unchecked. On your demo, it doesn't look like that's happening to you. A vague memory on left channel/right channel gain reduction to has me wondering if that's the way it's suppose to be. Anyone…thanks.

  8. Thanks for your hard work, I have been trying to learn audio editing with Adobe Audition and you have a way to explain it where even a novice like me can understand.

  9. No more overlay – fantastic… but why not just add a little tab above it all (actually eating a bit of the track above) – just a small 15×15 pixels to say "here is another track behind it", which you can push to see it on top?

    Hmm… perhaps with a preview? Or at least a 'Undo' available afterwards.

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