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In this video I’m talking about my opinion on the differences between the two design products Adobe Xd and Adobe Fireworks and share a few tips and tricks for Adobe Xd that will make your design process faster by 10x.

I’ve been using Fireworks for 5 years and recently I got my hands on Adobe Xd and I already got a feel about the features it has and decided to make a honest comparison with Fireworks.

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9 Replies to “Adobe Experience Design CC 2018 vs Adobe Fireworks CS6 – 5 BIG DIFFERENCES”

  1. I have used Fireworks for years to create simple logos and title screen for numerous projects. I was hoping XD would replicate the features I care about, but it seems like they got rid of many of the ones I cared about. While I feel XD is hands-down a better application for UI prototyping, I honestly don't have a need for that. Grr!

  2. There is really no need XD …
    Only if Adobe update and make Fireworks better…it can blow all other UI design software out of water…really miss Adobe Fireworks

  3. to this day I have not found anything made in Ps, Ai, XD that I can not do in Fireworks, I occupy it since it belonged to Macromedia

  4. Creating grids of elements is pretty easy in Fireworks with alt + Drag then redo and there's also an extension that does it for you. Fireworks also has paste inside to copy bitmaps inside shapes …. Funny that we're comparing an app that hasn't been updated by Adobe for years with XD … Just goes to show that Adobe have no foresight and never really haD a clue how good Fireworks is.

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