Adobe Indesign: How To Design A Modern Poster | Start To Finish 🖼

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This video is all about the ways to use Adobe #Indesign to design a modern, abstract poster. Whether you’re a complete beginner in the freelance design world or a seasoned professional this video will give you new insights to designing a poster!

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  • I hope you guys enjoy the video! If you want a chance to win the giveaway comment down below letting me know! Also Subscribe and share 🙂

  • @will Paterson can you tell me what is the actual theme of your poster. Like just having the shapes on the poster won't suffice, how the shapes were connected among themselves.
    Also, many designers believes on minimalism but your poster was exact contrary to it…? So, how can you justify your poster was a balance one!?

  • I would love a chance to grab one of those awesome Adobe pins if you haven't sent them all out yet! Great video, as always!

  • InDesign is my favourite Adobe programme so I'd love one of the pins! It always surprises how unappreciated and overlooked it is, its one of the most powerful tools a design has!

  • Thanks for all the knowledge you share. You’re making me a better designer. I would love the chance to win one of those badges!

  • I've always used "paste in place" to add images to shapes, I had no idea that you could reassign a shape to an image or text box! I presume that's the same thing that the rectangle frame box does? Thanks Will 👍

  • I would love to have a chance to win one of the adobe badges. I'm currently in my 3rd year of graphic design and I can't live without Indesign anymore. It's a really powerful software!

  • I learned Indesign since 3 years now, and .. wow ! I can tell that I learned so much on this video. Would love more videos and tips about this software because they aren't enough videos about Indesign, the work flow, advanced grids method…like this way. Thank you so much for sharing this !

  • I've been using indesign just for multiple page documents, but the video gave me a new pont of view.
    PS. I love Indesign and I want a badge, please!

  • I've been using Illustrator for years and I've tried to learn some InDesign, but I've never understood why InDesign and not Illustrator? All these things you can do in Illustrator and since I've been using it for years I can do it way faster when using Illustrator. Is there something I'm missing?

  • This is going to come in very handy, Will. I’m currently doing an MA in illustration and creating artefacts including enamel pins. Posters are obviously another type of artefact and this vid has given me some good ideas. So thank you. Feel free to send a pin my way! 😉

  • I love InDesign. Just graduated university this year and used InDesign like 70% of the time for all my projects. It's definitely worth learning.

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