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Accelerating Your Creativity

Creativity is what sets humans apart, and it’s never been more important. But our innate creativity is held back by one thing: time. The Adobe Creative Cloud team takes center stage to show how we’re accelerating creativity with new products and feature improvements. This includes new and improved tools that help you create anywhere and collaborate efficiently, and products and services that help you master new mediums and techniques. Stylizing video clip courtesy of MAUR film. Artwork by Jakub Javora.

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31 Replies to “Adobe MAX 2019 Opening Keynote – Accelerating Your Creativity”

  1. Hey Adobe! Why are Croatian citizens the only EU citizens that are NOT ALLOWED to buy Adobe CC? We can only get your products if buying from certified resellers and their prices go sometimes up to a few thousand Euros!!! That's not fair at all! US and other EU citizens get all products for a few hundred USD.

  2. Crazy how Adobe still doesn't have a real 3D software tool, meaning all of the fancy things shown in the intro video weren't even created using Adobe software.

  3. There's too many Photoshop mobile apps. Photoshop Express, Photoshop Express Mix, Photoshop Express Fix, Photoshop Sketch etc. It's way too much going on at the same time for the same application. And now there's Photoshop Camera? Can't really see the point. Let's hope Adobe discontinuous some of these and narrow the focus into one or two multi functional apps – and it wouldn't hurt to tell the audience where to get Photoshop Camera either. It's quoted as an app but nowhere to be found in Play store.

  4. Is there way to watch "Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity" with Andrew Kramer? The session done by Andrew in Adobe max 2019

  5. Anyone know the name of the songs they're using? I wish I had the names, I loved the music while I was there.

  6. @36:19 none of the special selection tools work properly, not even on a screenshot from the keynote… the free transform tool is cool though

    I have to say… I am really disappointed that there weren’t any really awesome Spark update announcements at MAX. Page, ESPECIALLY, can use some updating. I am STILL REALLY mad that Bloom, pretty much, went to hell.
    Why can’t you take Bloom features, and integrate them into Spark Page?
    It’s the obvious choice, and would TOTALLY move web tech. LIGHTYEARS forward!
    Here’s to hoping!!

  8. Adobe please listen to the users and add "copy, cut and paste" to the the right click context menu of Illustrator when we select anything and also objects in Photoshop please. We want user friendly software. Blender made big changes and nows it's heaps better. I know we can use keyboard shortcuts or go up to the main menu and use the drop down options but not all of us can use both our hands to use keyboard shortcuts. I hurt my left hand and just realized how amazing annoying Illustrator and Photoshop are when using the top bar only. Please add context options or let us turn them on as an accessibility option if you don't want them personally. Software should be able to help us achieve what we want quicker and easier. Even a plugin would be okay if you are super against adding them as accessibility options.

    Saying someone has a big brain but lacks imagination 21:40 is probably not the best way to advertise something. I'm sure there are heaps of other positive creative ways to promote the software without saying negative stuff like that. Can you also edit this video so it doesn't jump around so much please?

  9. 1:38:00 – 1:46:00 The theatrics were a bit much and he probably had 2 redbulls and a triple shot of espresso before he came on stage, but it was entertaining lol.

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