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The Spring 2019 release of Premiere Pro offers new Freeform Project panel, Rulers and Guides, and improved performance, such as faster Mask Tracking. Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing application, offering robust native format support, efficient workflows, and rich creative tools for color, graphics, and audio. 

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  • brooo you guys are the best, anyway you could add default effects for vids where we can just add in the clip and let adobe do the rest, been waiting for the longest

  • thank you Adobe, now i cant render any video after the last update ! What for i actualy paying for ? Getting a black video with sound only ! March 2019

  • Is there any way to sort the files in Freeform view by file name so it's chronological? It comes in all jumbled up. I can sort in Icon View, but in Freeform that option is greyed out so all my files are in a messed up order so I'm actually worse off than just editing the old way.

  • First and important update we need from Premier pro is fast rendering like fcp (which renders 5x faster then premiere pro)

  • Premiere Pro CC, getting better and better by the day.
    Kindly add word/text detection – this will help check incidence of typos.
    Keep up the good work guys..!

  • Can you guys please make a feature where you can color code entire tracks, rather than just a clip on the time line? It’d make organization on the timeline so much easier. Rather than having to individually change every single clip’s color to match the type of footage/overlay it is.

  • Literally the second-most requested feature ever at Adobe's own site, now over 1/2 year old with hundreds of comments, is simply to support Blackmagic RAW as a file format: Adobe is clearly terrified of getting demolished by DaVinci, when you consider that Adobe usually jumps at the opportunity to support popular new codecs as soon as possible, often even before a camera's release. If you want to measure the downfall of something once-great, this is one way.

  • Rulers and guides…FINALLY! Being able to re-order audio effects is also a very welcome update. Thanks for listening, Adobe.

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