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With this video tutorial you will learn the basic interface of the absolute latest version of Premiere Pro CC.

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If this is your first time using Premiere Pro I believe that after this series you will have a complete grasp on every aspect of this amazing software!

This entire series of tutorials contains the following episodes/chapters:

Part 1 – Basic Interface
Part 2 – Effects
Part 3 – Transitions
Part 4 – Tools
Part 5 – Using & Targeting Tracks
Part 6 – Color Render Bars
Part 7 – Hotkeys
Part 8 – Titles
Part 9 – Keyframes
Part 10 – Warp Stabilizer
Part 11 – Frame Rates + Time Remapping + Speed Ramping
Part 12 – Color Correcting + Color Grading
Part 13 – Nesting
Part 14 – Exporting

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Thanks you for watching another Olufemii Tutorial
Josh Enobakhare


43 Replies to “Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Tutorial – Part 1 – Basic Interface”

  1. Может кому надо скачала эту прогу здесь без вирусов и телефонов, просто пропусти рекламу

  2. cheers,
    this helped me learn the basics to the editing world to premire i was using windows movie maker it was so bad.

  3. Hi, your audio is clear as your video recorded. May I know which brand mic you used and please let me know what I should look for when I am buying one.

  4. Nice tuts…please, I just finished a video in after effects, rendered in avi and converted to mp4. But I got an issue, when I put up the video on YouTube or I send it through WhatsApp, the video actions goes before the audio. How do I fix this?

  5. I Have browsed and watched several videos and playlists about adobe premiere pro before ending up to this eventually and the first instances of watching your tutorial made me believe that here is some one whose real intention is to teach others genuinely,

    what I felt in most others are either they lacks the real intentions or not ready to share things with others or lingering into trivial matters to stretch the videos and which will lead to lost interest in their videos, your one stands out! Thank you for your nice work,,

  6. I have automate to sequence 50 images with 3 sec on each images. Later after editing i changed an image 3 sec to 4 sec. Now i want that 4 sec time frame attribute to be pasted to all 49 images quickly. How can i do it?

  7. Oh wow. What a blessing. I was just confused and overwhelmed by half a dozen videos before finding this one. Now I know what I'm doing in Premier Pro. Thanks!

  8. Hi there, a quick question. What about when shooting in 4k or 120fps what do i set as the sequence settings then?
    I would really appreciate if you could get back to me in regards to this!
    many thanks

  9. you know i'm a techtuber and i haven't watched your videos yet but i hope it will help me and btw i'll watch them all 🙂

  10. Hi, what if u don´t know the resolution and the frame rate of the videos when u´re creating the secuence? Is there any information u can set a default ? Thanks

  11. How do I find out what my camera uses to choose the sequence part that you mentioned? I have a Canon Vixia HF M301… I can't find this info anywhere. Thanks!

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