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Get the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud here:

In this video I explain the difference between After Effects & Premiere Pro and the dynamic link workflow.



42 Replies to “Adobe Premiere Pro VS After Effects CC: What's the difference & How to Work Dynamically between them”

  1. 유익한 동영상을 올려주셔서 감사합니다. 그런데 말이 너무 빨라서 알아듣기 너무 힘들어요 .. haha ;

  2. But Premiere and After Effects should use the same engine, shouldn't they? They're both Adobe after all so I don't understand how Premiere can't do some things but After Effects can

  3. There to exspensivr I thought it would be a one time purchase but it’s dumb because you have to pay for it each moth

  4. anyone know why the adobe Ae link from Pr wouldnt be working for me? id like to start making better vids but with my shit not working its frustrating..

  5. what's the point then of Premiere pro? Can't one just use AE and you have everything that PP has? i.e can one use AE for regular editing but then add effects if you wish??

  6. Your tutorials are so pleasant to watch. I'm finally trying out After Effects and I'm definitely going to watch more of your stuff to understand how to work the programs 😀

  7. Hello, I have something to say. If you want to make youtube videos or movies I'd recommend you get both instead of deciding on which one to use. They are two different programs used to work side by side with each other. It doesn't cost that much money to get both for a month and I have a motto where if you are getting three or more apps from the adobe cc you might as well get all of them because you'd be wasting money getting three instead of getting all of the apps fro the price of two and a half of them.

  8. Thanks for a modern (professional) simple explanation! Little bit enthusiastic, good choice of words and nice edits 🙂

    These type of video’s are really apreciated just because they are informative and working with Adobe is not simply done.

  9. But what if let's say I want to use 'replace with AE composition' function with adding sound effects to it? How could you do it?

    Also what if I have color grading adjustment layer above the video clip in PrPro that I want to edit in AE with some new motion graphics. It's gonna be affected along with the original video clip after saving the final work. Any idea how to solve that?

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