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Adobe XD is an awesome design tool for people who want to focus on UI Design, UX Design, Prototyping, Responsive Web Design and more. These are the 10 most basics tasks you will need to know about when you get started.

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If you are just starting out with Adobe XD or UI Design/ Graphic Design Software in General, this tutorial should get you up and running.

1. Artboards
2. UI Tour
3. The Pen tool
4. Symbols and Styles
5. Repeat Grids
6. Responsive Resizing
7. Preview
8. Images
9. Prototyping
10. Sharing

Adobe XD is pretty awesome. It’s still a fairly new tool at this point but has tons of potential.


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36 Replies to “Adobe XD Basics | Top 10 Things to know when getting started with Adobe XD”

  1. I'm just starting out and this video is super helpful! As a designer would you say being able to use this program means you wouldn't necessarily need to be able to use any others (sketch, for example)? Asking because I need a new laptop and sketch is only available on mac ofc :/

  2. What kind of back end code does it generate? I'm an old school html hard coder and I shudder at the thought of the heavy html
    that might result from code generation.

  3. Tip for Windows users after installing Xd: Open Services, stop and disable all Adobe services. Also, open task manager > Startup tab, and disable all Adobe startup programs. Adobe has a plethora of blithering idiots making decisions.

  4. If 😏 isn’t this guy’s fave meme I’ll be disappointed 😂
    Btw: Thank you so much for this video ! It really helped a lot! 🙏🙏🙏

  5. A decent video but provided so little information for 20 minutes. Could have been less than five if it were more to the point.

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