Adventures Around The World Showcase At Disney! | Taking A Closer Look At The Japan Pavilion

Join us on this trip to Walt Disney World’s EPCOT for a new series, where we take a closer look at each of the pavilions in World Showcase! In today’s vid we take an in depth look at the Japan Pavilion. We take a look at the food locations, gift shops, and bars within this area of the World Showcase. We also watch Matsuriza, Japanese taiko drumming, perform. We took a look at the gift shop and loved how it was set up like a “mall” with the different sections for anime, accessories, clothes, home goods, so much food and snacks, a whole sake bar, and more. It was intense and a full tour could make it’s own video. You should definitely take a look at it if you have time. This pavilion has so much to see! We hope you enjoyed this in depth look at everything that Japan at Epcot’s World Showcase has to offer! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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  • over a year later and I'm still interested in seeing food from the japanese pavilion like Katsura grill. The stuff on that menu looked really good, plus there is nothing better than chicken cutlet curry, chicken terriyaki plates, or Tonkotsu ramen.

  • The Koi pond, wow i remember that koi pond from when i was there in 1989. It was raining heavily and the whole zone looked great.


  • Jane Seymour put jewlry for family and friends Royal family members to have quite a few of us got stuff but had to send back in for repairs…

  • I claimed the earrings at border going out with receipt they said as long as you have receipt of purchase they are yours… Kitsu Minu I put the oysters in the ice about 6 of us got real pearls…

  • Mainly we get benefits from Adamus II family which is Katherine Dorta I Helen and Barbara who are Medici they are Vlad Implaer family he is really scary he tried to talk to me through a picture and I took off running…

  • It likes Jill I am marrying Jack Black Ben Black and Christian Yelich however we are only having one ceremony in Madison….

  • We have adopted the Japanese Royal family as our own and Jun barbabacue with my Uncle and Rachel s entire family they all tried Japanese package food Rachael got for living in Japan because she is afraid of food contamination…

  • My Japanese god husband Kitsu Minu I from the 4 th century helped arrange the marriage under God he sent me a Japanese shrine to worship him…

  • People throughout Europe sent her candy and she lived in a coffee table before the marriage which is precident of my grandmother who was chained in a dungeon before she married Adamus II… which turned into a Cinderella romance of epic portion…

  • I approve d all her make up and wraps….we did a traditional wedding demonstration for the wedding which is actually a real marriage….

  • They should sell items sold at the Tokyo parks in the Tokyo pavilion. Disney Japan has the BEST items, and that is a direct link there to the kawaii culture since Japan Disney items are very representative of kawaii.

  • This is so cool! I love this series 🙂 You should do a series about snacking around the Epcot world showcase, buy some of the international snacks they sell in the little stores and taste it 🙂

  • 7:51 the reason there is a marble in the bottle is the marble will roll down the bottle and block anymore liquid form coming out once the bottle has poured a portion/glass

  • 1:38 it's pronounce "To-REE-ee", not Tori like a name. 7:38 "MOH-chi", not machi. 7:48 "Rah-mu-neh", not Rah-moon.

  • Ooooo I hope they put in something similar to the Maid Cafe' or like a Capsule Toy Sushi Restaurant…that would be so fun! Or a Hello Kitty Cafe🤗 Eeeee

  • The snack at 8:00 is shredded dried squid (surume sakiika). The big writing on the front is just a brand name (Hama da yori, "From the harbor"). This is a classic snack with beer or nihonshu (sake). A non-spicy version is just to the right. It is sometimes dipped in mayonnaise or soy sauce plus mayo. It's chewy and fishy smelling, but very tasty.

  • I took a Japanese 101 course about 10 years ago, and earlier today, I was finally given the chance to speak with native speakers at the Japanese district. I saw whenever I’d say “arigato gozaimasu” to a new waitress, their eyes would light up. One began speaking Japanese and asked where I was from, but I didn’t know what she said and she had to ask in English. I felt kind of bad for letting her down, but it’s not like she was upset; I told her upfront “I am a student” so I kind of told her upfront that I’m a learner. I also spoke to a waitress from “Saitama” and asked her if she has ever been asked about the show One Punch Man by Americans for its numerous associations with Saitama. What was surprising to me is that she said most Japanese aren’t familiar with the show, and she sees more Americans familiar with the series.

    There’s a lot of other nuisances I could say about the little things here and there, but this was the first time Japanese wasn’t just something in a textbook or on a television show. I was able to communicate the ideas I wanted to in another person’s native tongue from across the globe. Epcot gets a bad reputation for its lack of attractions, and I’m not kidding when I say this, but my experience with these Japanese waitresses almost made me cry. I don’t know why, but it just felt so amazing. Maybe it’s because I was really interested in the country when I was younger. That interest has died in recent years, but I guess this kind of touched a part of my childhood in ways most guests don’t get to experience.

  • 12:08
    Y O U
    O F F E N D E D
    M Y
    A N I M E
    C U L T U R E !!!!!!

  • Thank you so much for showing us the Japan Pavilion! I have been on a Japanese "tour" on YouTube for about two years (hoping to go there for real sometime in the near future) and I found your channel recently. It is so nice of you and your wife to post your adventures. You have a very nice style, very natural, refreshingly inoffensive and genuinely enthusiastic. I see you have a lot of videos and I look forward to watching more of them.🙂

  • I will prob spend hours just in this gift shop I’m fascinated by Japanese foods & culture. So inventive

  • “Hot dog sandwich” still cracks me up! I actually agree with your reasoning behind categorizing it as a sandwich but it’s still funny. 🤣

  • We've eaten at the Japan quick service a few times. We love it. I noticed you can get cheese cake for a snack credit- yum

  • Originally the Castle in the back of the Japan Pavilion was intended to house an Audio-Animatronics show called Meet the World that would have opened the same time as its counterpart at Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Love the videos but on a side note: Japan mouse ears @ 13:16 seems a little disrespectful to walk around Epcot considering Pearl Harbor. But the Indiana Stunt show at the Studios in 2004 had the Nazi swastikas on German trucks, aircraft, and actor uniforms but were removed and replaced by a stylized Greek Cross.

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