Affordable TV with amazing picture quality

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  • I don't get why it's so important to have the dark black . I kept my Sony XBR on "cinema" mode for years . It's a more realistic image than if I switch to vivid . All the modes were set up according to enthusiasts , but I truly prefer a realistic image , where the grass doesn't look like new turf , and the blacks aren't deep and shiny . Call me crazy

  • This will replace my 42" I bought in 2006 that still works and haven't had any problems with, Sanyo, Panasonic announced end of plasma production and I prefer plasma picture quality lcd artifacts annoy me very much

  • Great TV! I love the 60" that I just bought. Blows away my LED.

    Anyone know how to stop the banners? Thanks. Just got this home yesterday.

    Thumbs way up on this Plasma. I thought Plasma's were dark till I saw the demo in the store. Now that I have one here, I can't see myself going back to a LED.


  • Great review of the standard in plasma TVs -> Panasonic, almost every review I've seen & read about Panasonic give their plasma TV range high marks & scores.
    Thank you for posting this review mr. Katzmaier!

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  • Hey otomo or homo or who ever the hell you are, I live in Topeka KS. YOU WANNA GIVE IT A TRY COME FIND ME. FUCKING PUS BUT.

  • Who is the motion that says plasma will "suck you dry" when you pay your electric bill? Obviously someone who never owned a Panasonic plasma. I have the 65" GT30 and it blows any LED I've ever seen out of the water. And if I have to pay an extra 35 cents a month foot that I will. Besides, I paid $2500 for my TV so obviously I can afford it. And as far as the LGs go, good TVs but no comparison to Panasonic.

  • Like always getting paid by panasonic, who cares about 3d anyways?? Then why do u bash other tvs with crosstalk but not this one lol

  • actually this is a big rumour. If you look at the power ratings for a year, there's not a big difference between Plasma and LED. maybe five or ten dollars per year. So just skip going to McDonalds one time

  • 3D tvs need a circular polarizing coating on them in order to do 3D! Can you say DUH! That's why if you have the old monitor anti glare film, you can actually play 3D stuff and use the RealD 3D glasses.

  • That model doesn't have 3D, smart apps, and is probably a clearance price of a 2012 model, which explains why it is so cheap. Also, it is inferior in picture quality compared to the ST60. what i meant by my comment is If you're comparing two TV's with similar features(plasma vs. led) the plasma will always be cheaper.

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