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This video will give you the idea about Air Curtain. What are the major advantages of using Air Curtain in any commercial establishment.

Air Curtains are very good to block external air from indoor air and keep the indoor air quality and temperature intact. This product is very good in entrance of any commercial set up.

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18 Replies to “Air Curtain it's uses and advantages. Why Air Curtain ? हिंदी”

  1. Sir mere shop k for Ka size 3 fit hai r me dor band NH kr Sakta air curtain 3 fit Ka lga doga tw ac ki cooling rahye gi please rep

  2. Sir,please suggest if we can install aircurtain between kitchen and drawing/dinning hall so as to prevent smoke and greasyness on thr upholstery.. we dont want to use chimney..

  3. Can somebody help me with this question ? As far as I know the In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure " so in this above case of air curtain , there should be more air transfrer should be occured between conditioned air and non conditioned air space, NO ?

  4. We manufacturer air curtains and other air circulation units in delhi, India. Kindly contact if interested

  5. Please also mention installation & equipment cost along with comparative running cost of VRV VRF. Plus Advantages & disadvantages

  6. Thanks, for sharing valuable information. Can you also please suggest if one can go with VRV/VRF instead of 10-15 split ACs in a 3 floor house aprox. 4000 Sq ft.

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