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AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK Sento Isuzu x Kanie Seiya Complete Blu-Ray DVD. Season 2 Amagi Brilliant Park Release 2017 .甘城ブリリアントパーク Seiya Kanie and Sento Isuzu Return?! Sento x Kanie Kiss. Sentai Filmworks Blu Ray Amaburi Episode 13 OVA Amagi Brilliant Park. 千斗 いすず 可児江 西也 KyoAni Best 2017 Anime. Amagi Brilliant Park Japanese Sub / English Dub Episodes 1-13 OVA Anime.

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  1. Watch the Amagi Brilliant Park Anime FREE in HD at

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  2. You know that Yuka Nakajima is actually the official illustrator of Amagi Brilliant Park LN right..? The one who draw the first piece

  3. you should continue with reading fairy tail especially the new chapter it has a nalu moment that is great

  4. If anyone hasn't told you yet. Yuka Nakajima is the original character designer for the Amagi Brilliant Park Light Novel and she draws lots of doujin under the alias of Digital Lover. So of course it looks close to the original artwork because KyoAni were trying to copy hers! lol

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