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43 Replies to “AMAIZING SPEARFISHING in Ascension Island with Yellow fin Tunas Hunting in Blu waters ITZTV”

  1. The brain of the yellowfin tuna is about an inch and half or 2" behind the eye. So, targeting that spot, even with other species, will definitely kill the beast instantly, been there done that!

  2. Seu Filho da puta isso é pesca predatória destróier assim vira o fim dos peixes sem matriz Pará procriar o oceano se tornará um grande deserto vai mata tubarão branco com seu arpão

  3. People use BAIT when fishing , how is this different. One shot one kill is humane.
    Long liners and nets kill all the fish that are not wanted. Very wasteful.
    Buying fish in the market is paying someone else to kill it and gut it for you.

  4. ปลาทูน่าครีบสีน้ำเงินเนี้ยตัวใหญ่กว่าคนอีก เคยเห็นในช่องสารคดีเขาเอามาลงตอนที่มันอยู่เป็นฝูง อเมซิ่ง..??

  5. That fish just wanted to live. How backwards in a modern world to still be killing beautiful animals like this.

  6. ประเทศไทยมีมั้ยครับหาปลาแบบนี้,ชอบมากอยากไปหาด้วยคน,,,?

  7. Like shootin fish in a barrel not a true sport these clowns are even prowed of them selves even worst are the clowns in the replys congratulating them f&ck me the human race evil

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