Amazing China: How China becomes 'Infrastructure Magician' (Part 1)

Bridge construction in China appears to be something of a magic trick. Of the world’s 10 tallest bridges, eight can be found in China with five of them built in the last five years.

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February 18, 2020


  • The new attack by America shows the new fear and desperation in America especially in it's tech. area where it fears loosing to China with no real response even if that is appropriate, and China knows this.

  • Yes, the Chinese people are smart, hardworking and amazing.

    That is more than any of us in the know think about it totalitarian government!!

    China, the great world power, is a contrived Deep State creation. They did not make all that money with fair trade deals. It was all spoon fed to them by the corporate globalists whose intent was to make China the next great world power that they could use to control the world.  China is run like a huge corporation, with the Communist party serving as a board of Directors would a huge corporation.  I ask you, is there any democracy in any of the corporations you are aware of?  Heck no, it’s all command and control!!

    These same corporate globalist/bad guys created modern China after WWII.  Yes, they installed Mao Tse Tung in power by Secretary of State George Marshall's curtailing of military support for Chiang Kai Chek, allowing Stalin to supply Mao with lots of military equipment and logistical supplies that the U.S. gave the Soviet Union during WWII.

    Trump has really thrown a monkey wrench into that agenda. China will soon begin to unravel with all its slave labor and unfair practices/authoritarian governance at home, and do not forget the mobile
    execution vans that execute folks for politically incorrect stances and then harvest their organs to be sold on the world market!! Yes, and don't forget the loyalty scores being assigned to any citizen who speaks out vs the Communist government.

    By the way the price of buying an exit visa to migrate to the U.S. from China is $60,000.  Is that what great powers do? The rest of the world and I do NOT think so!

  • china saying is true.
    if you want rich build road. so everyone can come.

    so why my govt cant understand this simple quote.
    they plan a highway. and 5 years still in progress…
    building railway. budget was bubble in legislative. and when it finally approved, the govt didnt have timeline and work delay again.

    china understand. another quote.
    early bird get the plump worm.
    so why waste time when job can be done earlier.

  • propaganda. Wehen you just killed and bulldoze all people and all life and history without asking the people and just bully through, yes you can achieve great infrastructure. I'm glad I dont live in that poop infested shithole China

  • Napoleon even stated that China was only in a sleepy mode when the Europeans were Conquering the world. Now, they have awaken the sleepy Dragon. Yes, the Chinese suddenly have a sense of urgency and furious by what has happened to them. They have come together as one once again that's how they can perform so delingently. Because, they were peaceful toward their neighbors in their glory past, perhaps, it is their rightful place to rise again and guide the rest of the world to the next Millennium…I believe it is !! The West was given the chance to lead the world but they can not on false righteousness.

  • Every country has its own developing road. Push efficency, hard work and developing. That's China. We do not output war all around world. We only focus on development. Can you imagine the life that without cash? No cash but you can buy everything you want. That's China.

  • And this all happened overnight, because according to North American MSM News, the Chinese are still running around in Mao's baggy pants and stoking backyard iron furnaces. I want to thank CGTN to keep me informed. Congratulation to China. From a Canadian Construction Engineer.

  • Long live china.. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳no matter what everybody says you know u r the best..everybody gets jealous of your from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • China's labor rate and materials cost much less than in the US. That is why they do many infrastructure projects. They pay an engineer $9/hr in China but $73/hr in the US.

  • Amazing! Meanwhile this little section of bridge in my city was renovated on the weekend and it took them 2 months causing me headache every day to work.

  • The era before Christ, China had already built a 8,800 km of great wall …. so what China is building today is not a surprise at all.

  • Why Indians hate china, just they want to 'surpass' china, but not in the same class, why not just work  harder and open your mouth less

  • Youtube Indians think that if they put enough negative comments on China;s video and dislike every of it, then they'll be able to slow down China's achievement. haahahahaha.

  • Ha ha ha, YouTube Indians should stop attacking the hard working Chinese, we love the Chinese in Africa, they make impossible possible

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