Amazing China: How Crazy is China’s Mobile Pay?

Over the past five years, China has embraced a life online. Some expats here in China, as well as Chinese themselves have dubbed the phenomenon, China’s “Four New Great Internet Invention”! Same as the four old inventions, it is the new technology that transforms people’s lives. One of these four is mobile payment, in which China is now leading the world in scale, scope, convenience and coverage. How Crazy is China’s Mobile Pay? Take a look at the first episode of “Amazing China: A 5-year miracle”.

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  • Really? What if the server crash? Raid5, ups, backups? Is there any recovery procedure told to the consumer? This is money we are talking about. Ewallet

  • China has awaken. A sleeping giant once. India better take notice. Pakistan better take advantage. Russia better make strong economic ties. China is future

  • mobile pay was in use in japan many years before china. And japanese high speed trains are the safest, even fastest when you consider the speed of maglev train which will start to run in 2020.

  • Improving business transactions has always been the primary driving force behind China's economic progress.
    -With mobile payment, paying for purchases and services become much more convenient, and help encourage spending
    -With hi-speed rail, raw materials get transported quickly to factories and finished goods get delivered faster.
    -With bike-sharing, people can get to their destinations faster and more conveniently.
    -With E-commerce, businesses and offices no longer limited by location and can conduct business transections anywhere.

    So everything happens at quickly at breakneck speed in China, including business transactions

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