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Aside from massive railway projects, mega bridges and giant infrastructures, China is also not behind when it comes to drone technology. So with that being said, in this video, you will see 10 of China high tech drone technologies.

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Quick Summary Of China’s Drones

1. Chinese-built solar drone ‘Rainbow’
2. China’s Unmanned Drone Wing Loong I-D Craft
3. China’s agricultural Drone
4. China’s Solar-powered Drone
5. Drone that assists in firefighters
6. China’s stealth drone “Skyhawk”
7. TYW-1 Drone Technology
8. China’s World’s Largest Cargo Drone
9. China’s new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
10. Tonnage-level cargo drone

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22 Replies to “AMAZING! China’s Advanced Drones And UAV Technologies In Action”

  1. China is working hard to have success later on the later empire the US will say they have stolen their idea…….

  2. While everyone anxiously waiting for the much hype Amazon drone delivery system, China already have a drone delivery network that serve over a hundred remote villages, and that number is still growing. While American are searching ways to go around the legal limitation, Chinese are searching ways to go around technical limitations.

  3. The Wing Loong I-D drone designed and other drone that are look like spy plane, China are copy cutter (in other language like tagalog is gaya-gaya ng designed and purpose) copied from USA originally. Poor USA, have to blame USA for giving the college electronic technologies away and component materials, look what happened that China is a copy cutter as what the Russia said too. That's why Russia don't want to sell advanced hi-technology to China. Because of USA having a contingency planned of being classified top secret ended up everything got divulged and are being copied by many countries. USA didn't know how to handle classified top secrets if USA want to lead to police the world.

  4. For crying out loud China stole the technologi from the US. This is their work and they are good at it.

  5. سلام.
    توجه کنید ارکیو و رو کمی بزرگتر
    ساخته و به پهباد بمب افکن که نامش
    وحشت ناک است تبدیل کردن و به
    راحتی نیرویی فوق العاده برای خود
    بوجود آورده اند .
    کاری که می توان کرد .ماهم می توانیم
    موفق باشید
    خدایا یاری کن.

  6. Wow… I knew china was good at copying/cloning western tech, but I'm baffled. Someday, China may invent something by itself… Who knows.

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