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I had the pleasure of staying at Container Hotel in Kula Lumpur Malaysia. A big thank you to Vincent and Ryan.




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20 Replies to “Amazing Container Hotel. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia | Video”

  1. حلو السكن في الكبسولة ب ماليزيا ب 50 رنجت
    Rm50 Malaysia Capsule Hotel

  2. 我有拍华语版的在我频道! 小弟有拍关于住酒店的体验,请多多支持,请给我一点建议,谢谢

  3. Malaysia is the best place to live but if only your work pays you in foreign malaysia, the pay are low in

  4. Great footage here!

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  5. The music… please… the background music make people dont feel like watch it until the end. Please change the music. it's irritating. ok? dont you feel so?

  6. Its dangerous because someone else can creep into your resting space. There are no doors or locks on the capsules.

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