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Amazing EDC Gadgets All Men Should Own! | Everyday Carry Items:
Lever Gear BitVault –
Clip & Carry Kydex Sheath –
Green Vivid Waterproof Electric Arc Lighter –
Trayvax Element Wallet –
Premium Utility Knife –
Multifunctional Pill Fob –
GDC Money Clip –
Trayvax Cinch EDC Belt –
GDC Zip Blade –
True Utility Telepen –
NITECORE MT21C Flashlight –
Matador Pocket Blanket –

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34 Replies to “Amazing EDC Gadgets All Men Should Own! | Everyday Carry Items”

  1. It would be helpful if the desciptions were recorded clearly, instead of using voice actors who mumble and mispronounce. None of these, excepting the expensive torch, are half as useful as a SAK and common sense.

  2. Those lighters are weird. Bought one. They look cool but you need something else like paper to light first… which defeats the purpose of it in first place. If you are a smoker, this would work very well.

  3. I would absolutely never buy a single one of these.
    The Gerber dime is garbage, as is the barely useable Gerber Zip blade, and that crappy linerlock knife / utility knife that's overly fat and made of crappy Chinese materials.
    That stupid minimalist wallet is just a glorified money clip that I don't need, a real wallet is made of leather and folds. Mine was made by my dad as a kid in the 60's and is the last wallet I'll ever need.

    That pen, no thanks I'll keep my Fisher bullet.
    And that gimmicky flashlight that's too big for EDC ? I don't like modes on a flashlight so I'll stick to my American made Led Maglite Solitaire.

    All of this stuff was either gimmicky or just plain garbage, none of it should be owned by any man. It's certainly not anything every man should have.

  4. 5:15 why on earth would you try and sell money clips? I'm one of the last types of people that actually only use cash,and theres not many of us out there.

  5. I wish someone would make a pocketable helicopter so that I have an exit with me wherever I go; and can you make it so that it doesnt actually fly please cuz I dont like heights. That would be perfect thank you.

  6. knife? check, multitool? check, belt? check, lighter? check, pen? Check, waterproof container? Check, flashlight? Check, pocket blanket check, wait what? I’ll just use a tarp a bought at Home Depot.

  7. The lighter is shit I have one which I found a bic gas lighter will work after being immersed in water and if you use the electric one when it’s wet it’ll give you a shock plus the thing you want to ignite has to fit between the probes novelty item

  8. Совершенно бесполезная хрень. Разве что фонарь с поворотной головой , да и то вопрос этого узла не раскрыт

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