Amazing Grass Review: Want Amazing Energy EVERY Morning? Try This!

Hey, everyone! So, this is the video for my first ever supplement review. But, most importantly, please note the portion of my hair sticking out completely to the side during this entire video -__-

I honestly have been drinking this EVERY morning for about the past two years. I highly recommend trying this for yourself, or any other greens supplement for that matter….especially first thing in the morning.

You can have your coffee too, (as I still do at times) but try this out and please let me know what you think!

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My main purpose of this channel is to share with you various plant-based supplements and foods I’ve found to be very beneficial, regardless of your individual health goals.


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  • I am going to try my sweet berry wheatgrass in about 10 minutes for the first time! I cannot wait to see how it works and then I will buy more different flavours and maybe the one that has more in it than just wheatgrass.

  • nice info. thanx! just a suggestion – lower the camera angle. this will help you look less short or taller. blessings.

  • Awesome! I just ordered this one, and the vanilla flavoured one for my first time today. Can't wait to get them in the mail in a few days! 😁

  • Anyone who doesn't believe this stuff gives you energy I'm here to tell you IT DOES.
    I clean houses for a living and today was my first day drinking the lemon- lime in fresh vegetable juice instead of water (cucumber, kale, carrot) I had no crash, i stayed full and i was a bit buzzed most of the morning…not uncomfortably like caffeine but with the same amount of energy boost. I purchased a five-pack of different flavors from Target just to test it out. I'm going to try the original flavor tomorrow. This one tasted really good but I don't know how much of the flavor was my actual vegetable juices versus if I use water qith the powder.

  • I has tried doing this before but I get really hungry in the morning even with protein powder, what do you recommend?

  • Liquids of vitality my friend, well said I'm raw vegan. Gee Bee since you are vegan I would listen to Dr. Robert Cassar or Dan McDonald. You are on point with this video.

  • Amazing Grass is my favorite greens powder! My all-time favorite flavor has to be the Acai ORAC flavor! I also really enjoy the lemon lime and watermelon energy flavors as well. They taste just fine by themselves, but I mainly use them as nutrition booster for my everyday greens smoothies. I find these greens powders add some flavor without having to add fruit to my juices. Awesome video! Cheers to health from Oceanside, CA!

  • Hey good job man. I'm going through Dan's course also. I drink a similar supplement in the morning. Will give your stuff a try next.

    Keep up the great content!

  • Hey bro, sweet review, look forward to future videos and maybe some day we do a video on nutrition, health and gut health.

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