Amazing Home Design with Smart Furniture – Ingenious City Space Saving Solution ▶ 2

Amazing Home Design with Smart Furniture – Ingenious City Space Saving Solution ▶ 2
In this video:
1. Hidden table and chairs – lifted from the ground by David Hesko & Tomas Cendek
2. Fil8 – Extendable Table by OZZIO:
3. Space saving furniture hidden table in TV cabinet:
4. Companion Cube – 5 seats hidden in ottoman:
5. Folding furniture: Rising Table and chair:
6. Convertable folding chairs ideal for small spaces:
7. An Art Deco style table with automated movement and a variety of secret drawers and hidden details:
8. 5-in-1 Ottoman Bed:
9. Space saving furniture in small room – Modern design extendable console:
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