Amazing Home Garden – Free Plants & Free Food

Amazing Home Garden – Free Plants & Free Food

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  • That's cool you have chickens I had chicks but the bear and skunks eatm ;( that's great your allowed to have chicken in town. Seriously that's so great your using pulp for and veggies for your garden or animals. I am surprised you don't have worm garden where they multiply.

  • Awesome idea… also Jamba Juice and any other juicing places…. DO you think using coffee grounds from Starbucks is good for gardens?

  • This is great that your cuttings were so successful! I had not known about the rock dust you used. Will have to give that a try with some of my seedlings before they're big enough to put in a hydroponic bucket. I have Redina Lettuce and Goliath spinach,, lemon, and tomatoe seedlings sprouting in some peat pellets right now by the window.

    3 more avocado pits finally sprouted a main root after two others started off with pretty good growth but ended up not making it due to root knot nematodes. Crossing my fingers these pits will be disease-free, as I would love to have a few avocado trees bear fruit for me in just a year or so!

    I tried one celery bottom several months ago to get it to root in a plate with some water, waited several weeks, but didn't get roots as some people have. I wonder if some of the food companies put root inhibitor on their celery or if I just had a dud. I'm going to try it from seed also.

    I agree! Restaurants and others throw away alot of usable stuff that could be used to generate more produce. I believe that growing in the home and all sorts of community gardens could be the answer to hunger, at least in this country. I think this is what food pantries should be doing instead of feeding processed and canned foods.

  • you should cut your hair like this again!!!!! you look so young!!!!! i'm totally going to call our local juice place tomorrow to see what they do with their scraps!

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