Amazing Home on Elm Street in St. Charles Built From Scrap and 8 Shipping Containers

Amazing Home on Elm Street in St. Charles Built From Scrap and 8 Shipping Containers. In this video we bring to you an Amazing three bedroom Home on Elm Street in St. Charles Built entirely From Scrap and 8 Shipping Containers. Situated on Elm Street in St. Charles, this container home is quirky and amazing at the same time. This home belongs to Zack and Brie, who are an artist and a massage therapist respectively. Not only does it have its windows fitted upside down, it is almost entirely built from scrap materials. This three bedroom, two and a half bath home is built using eight “recycled” shipping containers. The containers were stacked up using a crane and wielded together in a single day into a giant cube shape. There are four containers on the bottom and four on the top. The home owners paid $1,600 per unit, plus $375 each for delivery. All the building costs totaled just $130,000. The house sits on an 11 foot concrete foundation which was built after 200 truckloads of dirt were hauled from the steeply reclining lot. The containers are double stacked in rows of four, to create a 3,100 square-foot house. The couple stacked up the containers, cut out openings between them, built a frame within the metal shell, put in the utilities, and then hung the drywall- except in strategic places where some of the metal container walls were left exposed. The fact that the entirely home was built entirely from recycled materials is worth our praise. Which part of this residence appeals to you the most? Give us your opinion by posting in the description below. If you like the video give it a thumps up and feel free to share it. Remember to subscribe. And see you next week as we feature another amazing shipping container house from around the world. Watch this video here: . Amazing Home on Elm Street in St. Charles Built From Scrap and 8 Shipping Containers

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Building Summary
Owners: Zack and Brie
Location: Elm Street, St. Charles
Salient Features: Open plan living, 3 bedrooms
Number of Shipping Containers used: 8
Habitable Space: 3100 sqft
Completion Date: 2016
Listing price: $310,000
Info. Sources courtesy of:
Image Sources courtesy of: Carmen Troesser


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  • WOW I like the quirky way they did this place . sets it apart from the same ole same ole in home design . I might have spaced the two sinks closer together so they wouldn't be so close to the chains on the ends . That's said . It looks very nice .

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